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For years now, Thomas Markle has been making a career out of bashing his daughter in public.

Not everyone could be so soulless and diabolical as to repeatedly attack their own flesh and blood just to make a few bucks, but Thomas seems to have no problem with it.

Of course, Thomas hasn’t had any contact with Meghan in years, which means he can’t really offer any worthwhile insights into anything that’s happened to her recently.

But he keeps the grift going by hurling increasingly absurd insults at his daughter to the delight of her many haters in the UK.

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Thomas first alerted the world to how horrible he is when he sold one of Meghan’s letters to a tabloid.

Meghan sued the publication and won, but the case was back in the headlines recently thanks to an appeal from the Mail on Sunday, which Meghan also won.

We suppose it’s nice to be doubly-validated like that but the appeal came with some major headaches for the Duchess.

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For one thing, Meghan’s text messages were read in court, which must have been a pretty mortifying experience.

But perhaps even worse was the fact that the trial put Thomas Markle back in the headlines.

And as usual, he seized the opportunity by trash-talking his daughter to anyone who will listen.

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This time around, Thomas is roasting Meghan for her humanitarian efforts. Seriously.

As you might recall, back in October, Meghan wrote an open letter to Congress urging members of the House and Senate to fight for paid family leave.

In the letter, she briefly shared an account of her impoverished childhood, noting that she “grew up on the $4.99 salad bar” at the Sizzler chain of restaurants.

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Now, Thomas is taking issue with Meghan’s recollection, claiming that she’s never been forced to eat cheaply.

“She’s never, ever, ever had to worry about anything like that in her life," he said in a recent interview with UK tabloid The Sun.

“We’d do the best restaurants in town and we’d do Sizzler because it was convenient. We never had to rub our pennies together and just have the salad bar," he continued.

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“She had the salad bar — but she had a meal as well.”

Thomas went on to take issue with the fact that Meghan is attempting to use her platform to affect positive change, as opposed to just tearing down her family members for a quick payday, like he does.

She sends letters to senators and congressmen where she calls herself the Duchess. That’s totally wrong. You really shouldn’t do that,” he complained.

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From there, Thomas turned his attention to Prince Harry, discussing the Duke of Sussex with the same maturity we’ve come to expect from this 77-year-old baby.

“He’s a candyass. I’d take him on at my age any time. He’d run away from me," Thomas said of his son-in-law.

It’s anyone’s guess why he seems to hate Harry so much.

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But then again, the situation isn’t all that mysterious.

We’ve all met men like Thomas — insecure losers who still fantasize about beating people up well into old age.

They’re a dime a dozen, and the situation doesn’t change much from one loser to the next.

The only difference with Thomas is that his daughter actually did something with her life, so people are willing to pay to hear his petty loser tirades.