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You won’t believe this, folks.

But it’s true:

Grey’s Anatomy just aired a winter finale that concluded with the life of one of its main, most beloved characters in serious perial.

Oh, wha’s that? This is Grey’s Anatomy… so you totally believe it just wrapped up 2021 on such a cliffhanger?

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Good point.

In this case, cliffhanger is very much the right term to use, too

On a Christmas-themed episode, things took a dark turn once Schmitt lost a patient in the OR after he had led a surgery under the new Dr. Webber-method of empowering residents.

And he did not wait for an attending before doing a dissection.

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“This is on you,” Bailey told stunned Webber, signaling the likely end of such a teaching experiment.

In the main storyline, meanwhile, Megan refused not leave the side of her son, Farouk, who had been placed on ECMO.

"If he doesn’t make it, neither do I,”  she told Hayes.

Shortly thereafter, a call came about a boy in Tacoma who has been declared brain dead — and was a match for Farouk.

As a result, Teddy, Owen and Hayes jumped in a medical SUV to pick up the donor heart.

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On the way their important destination, Hayes urged Owen and Teddy to help Maggie with her mental health.

On the way back — with Teddy keeping her hand on the cooler containing the “beautiful, healthy heart”–  the driver suddenly passed out. Oh, no!

Owen therefore attempted to grab the wheel … but couldn’t take control of the vehicle… which crashed and rolls over, landing in a ditch where there was no cell reception.

The trio tried to get out as the car began slipping down little by little, with Owen determined that the driver had suffered a massive stroke.

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There was still the issue of the donor heart, though, and the window of its viability. So Teddy was ordered to get out, make the delivery and find help.

Owen then told Hayes to exit, as well, because he was a widower and no child should be without both its parents.

As Hayes got to solid ground, the car — with Owen in it!!! — tumbled down the cliff.

And that’s where viewers were left heading into many weeks without a new Grey’s Anatomy episode.

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We’ve been here before, of course.

And we know that Grey’s Anatomy isn’t afraid to kill off a main character.

Do you think this is the last we’ve seen of Owen???