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Last month, Tori Spelling was seen "raging" after meeting with an attorney and presumably not hearing good news.

After months of obvious signs and very consistent reports, it looks like her marriage to Dean McDermott is over.

All year, reports have insisted that the primary obstacle to divorce is the couple’s troubled finances.

But it sounds like thre is another factor: as has been too often the case, Tori and Dean’s heads are at very different places on what’s best.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott in 2019
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It has been months since either Tori Spelling or Dean McDermott have been spotted wearing their wedding rings.

Late this spring, Tori herself confirmed that they were sleeping in separate bedrooms at the same house.

They have both gone to great lengths to avoid confirming that their marriage is over … on some level, even to themselves.

Tori and Dean McDermott
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The couple married in 2006 and have had numerous ups and downs over the past 15 years.

They also share five children, who will certainly be impacted by whichever choices they make.

Despite having so much to tie them together, fans are wondering how much longer these two can even pretend to play house.

Tori Spelling in a Photo

An inside source spoke to Entertainment Tonight about where Tori and Dean stand.

"Tori and Dean do things as a family," the insider described.

But the source clarified that this is only "for the sake of their kids."

Tori and Dean in 2021
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Tori and Dean are on speaking terms "and live in the same house," the insider shared.

"But," the source emphasized, the two "sleep in separate rooms."

This, at least, is no secret, as Tori told the world that much last June.

Dean McDermott with Wife
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It sounds like there are, among other things, communication issues with the two on very different pages.

"Tori is more vocal about what goes on between them," the insider characterized.

"And Dean," the source added, "is just completely checked out."

Tori Spelling with the Gold Flakes

The insider of course confirmed that the couple is "very much struggling," which sounds like an understatement.

And there is one primary issues that has plagued the couple for years that have done the most damage.

Dean’s cheating — in the past and, allegedly, in the present — may have sentenced their marriage to this slow death.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Together
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"Dean has been caught in so many lies and infidelities over the years," the insider lamented.

"And," the source explained, "Tori is just over it."

Getting cheated on once is heartbreaking. Getting cheated on numerous times … it can wear you down, even if you feel numb to it.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, 12 Year Anniversary
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"Dean does not want to get divorced," the insider cited.

The source shared that Dean’s reluctance is "because of financial reasons."

Meanwhile, the insider revealed, "Tori doesn’t want to for the sake of their family."

Candy Spelling Image
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Tori and Dean are not the only two adults in this conversation, either.

"Tori’s mom, Candy, also despises Dean," the source pointed out.

"And it’s a very hostile and sad situation," the insider described.

Tori Spelling Children in August 2021

Nothing is certain about the marriage’s future … and not all roads necessarily lead to divorce for Tori and Dean.

"Tori isn’t dating anyone else," the source revealed, despite Tori’s recent glow-up and discussions of breast augmentation plans.

"And," the insider concluded, "they are trying to figure out the next steps."