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This summer, Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith broke up. It was not the first time, but it was the last.

Since then, there have been a lot of hurt feelings.

Ronald also found a new girlfriend, introducing her to the world … and making sure that Tiffany saw it all.

Tiffany saw more than that, though. She’s accusing Ronald of drug use, and has photos.

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Tiffany Franco may have divided fans with her actions, but she is still fairly popular.

Whether her critics shame her for leaving Ronald or for getting with him in the first place, even her harshest haters know that she’s gorgeous.

In fact, these days, she is sporting an epic revenge body following a recent glow up. Good for her!

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Ronald Smith has a new girlfriend, Lauren.

While there are still unknowns, she’s not a local girl.

But she did fly in to see Ronald in person, fairly recently.

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He posted a lengthy video montage, showing off their romance complete with some serious PDA.

We get it, they’re adults and of course they are going to kiss and be affectionate.

But it’s a little odd for a grown adult man who’s a father to be posting pics of him kissing his girlfriend’s neck. It feels a little adolescent.

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In this case, the motive was likely a little juvenile, too.

Ronald could have just announced the romance or shared a select few photos.

Instead, it felt like he was rubbing Tiffany’s nose in his rebound relationship — showing that he could move on and already had.

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Well, moving on in a relationship is clearly not the same as moving on emotionally.

Messy public displays of contention were a hallmark of Ronald and Tiffany’s marriage during their many splits before this last one.

It’s no surprise that their final breakup wasn’t amicable or tidy, either.

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Taking to her Instagram Stories last week, Tiffany Franco accused Ronald Smith of using drugs.

She did not spell it out exactly, but it’s clear that the bag that she photographed is meant to be evidence of this.

Tiffany also tagged Lauren in a post, suggesting that Lauren should recognize the bathroom where the photo was taken.

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Tiffany also claimed to her fans and followers that Ronald has been desperately trying to win her back.

“My husband’s girlfriend, sweet girl, innocent girl,” she said on Instagram Live.

Tiffany added: “I sent her the screenshots, [but] she don’t care!”

Ronald on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

“Ronald’s out here saying, ‘Everything that Tiffany said about me saying I want to work things out is not true,’” Tiffany described.

“This man said, ‘You still have my heart,’ to me," she shared. "He said, ‘I can leave her. That’s the easy part,’ two."

Tiffany then alleged that they had recently had a nude video chat session: "Three, I’m sorry, but he watched me get naked yesterday.”

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For his part, Ronald has adamantly insisted that Tiffany is lying.

He says that she took photos of harmless powder packets in his bathroom for future blackmail purposes.

Ronald also demanded that Tiffany "accept" that it’s over and allow them both to move on.

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Certainly, Ronald was more of the villain during their marriage — being bad with money is your business up until you have kids.

However, Tiffany and Ronald are both adept at making themselves look like true villains on social media.

As people who follow 90 Day Fiance and are invested in Tiffany’s happiness, we have to ask: what do either of them hope to gain from this bitter feud? Messy, messy.

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Speaking of messy, last week, Ronald loudly announced that he would be deleting Instagram.

Instead of just doing it, or quietly saying that he was doing it, it was sure to take a swipe at Tiffany in the process.

If you are just beside yourself in anguish over Ronald deleting his account, fear not.

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That’s right.

Of course Ronald didn’t actually leave Instagram.

We just can’t with these two, whether they’re together or apart.