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As previously reported, Bravo canceled the The Real Housewives of New York City Season 13 Reunion, leaving a lot of unresolved drama.

It never aired because it never filmed.

Originally, Bravo claimed that there were scheduling conflicts. But the actual "conflict" turned out to have stemmed from Ramona Singer allegedly making a racist comment to and about Eboni Williams.

Now, we know what she reportedly said … and it’s worse than we had guessed.

Ramona Singer Says to Shut It DOWN!
Photo via Bravo

What we knew, thanks to an earlier report by TMZ, was that Eboni K. Williams reported Ramona Singer for making a then-undisclosed racist comment.

Bravo investigated the matter. Apparently, someone with production had previously reported Ramona for something similar.

Both times, Bravo’s investigations went nowhere.

Eboni K. Williams Sits With Ramona Singer

However, Bravo had delayed the Reunion until the investigation had concluded.

By the time that the network decided that it was over, too much time had passed since the season ended.

But … what exactly happened? How bad was it?

Photo via Bravo

Page Six is now reporting on why Ramona Singer’s alleged racism may have cost this season its Reunion.

According to a production source, it happened when Luann booted Eboni from her home.

At that point, Ramona allegedly said: “This is why we shouldn’t have Black people on the show."

Ramona Promo Pic
Photo via Bravo

In a response to Page Six‘s report, Ramona Singer told the reputable tabloid that the allegation was untrue.

"I never said that," she insisted. "It’s a terrible lie."

Ramona added: “It’s very disappointing that even after my name was cleared that people still want to slander me.”

Photo via Bravo

Of course, Ramona could not say much more than that.

Like the rest of the Housewives, she has signed NDAs that keep her from sharing too much behind-the-scenes information without permission.

As such, Ramona alleges that she cannot share her full side of the story.

Ramona Singer on E!
Photo via E!

Eboni is likely under similar restrictions.

She did not immediately comment, either, and it is unclear if she will.

Competing reports have claimed that she was "satisfied" or "dissatisfied" with Bravo’s investigation, but our guess is that it was the latter.

Singer, Ramona

Fans of the franchise are not exactly stunned to hear that Ramona was accused of making a racist statement.

As shocking as the actual sentence that she allegedly uttered were, it’s not a deviation from her brand.

Ramona is infamous for her bad behavior, and that hasn’t changed.

Ramona Singer Season 12 Vibes
Photo via Sophy Holland/Bravo

Just days ago, Ramona was put on blast for endorsing a brainrotten video.

The video likened COVID-19 vaccine mandates to "Nazi territory."

In addition to being dangerous and inflammatory, it misses a lot of points. The Nazi Regime was the opposite of healthcare.

Photo via Bravo

Another recent incident involved Ramona’s comments during a Black Shabbat on the show.

She claimed at the time that Jewish people hated her.

Ramona also alleged that, because a Black nurse refused her pain meds in 1987, she was a victim of "racism."

Ramona Singer Nearly Cries
Photo via Bravo

Obviously, Ramona was not a victim of racism, because words mean things.

No matter what transpired 34 years ago, Ramona is a white woman and could not be a victim of racism.

Racism is a complex system of inequality, oppression, and marginalization based upon race … it’s not, like, someone having a mean feeling.

Photo via Bravo

Anyone hoping that they’ve seen the last of Ramona’s worm-brained nonsense, however, has another thing coming.

She will be back on our screens in a little over a week, when Peacock’s The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip premieres on November 18.

There are real efforts by some malefactors to blame Eboni for the lack of a Reunion, but we hope that no one suggesting that she should have just stayed quiet.