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More than a year after her harrowing ICE arrest and move to Colorado Springs, it’s time for a change.

Larissa Lima has found biggie success both on and off of reality television, but her story isn’t done.

She’s returning to Las Vegas.

And you won’t believe who’s excited to welcome her home.

Photo via Instagram

"I have officially moved back to Las Vegas today!" Larissa announced on Wednesday, November 3.

"I’ve been laying low the last couple of weeks," she admitted to her followers.

Larissa explained that this was "because I was back in Colorado packing my things."

Larissa Lima Shows Off on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

"It was several weeks of healing from my surgery in Vegas," Larissa wrote.

This was, she added, "before I could get everything done."

Larissa recalled: "After living in Vegas for a couple of years, I moved to Colorado Springs on September 19 2020."

Larissa Lima Smells a Red Rose

"It was a change and experience I wanted to have," Larissa explained.

"Really, you only know me from a few minutes of edited television," she reminded her fans.

"But," Larissa detailed, "it was always ‘my American Dream’ to move to a quiet, small city in the mountains."

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube
Photo via YouTube

"It was a fantasy to live anonymously, drink hot chocolate, and watch the large beautiful snowflakes fall against the window," Larissa described.

"As they say, be careful what you wish for," she remarked.

"I jokingly came to refer to my new home The Pet Cemetery," Larissa wrote, "which is my favourite favorite novel and movie."

Larissa Lima Discusses OnlyFans on YouTube

"It is so different from Vegas," Larissa said of Colorado Springs.

"However, I became a stronger person," she appraised.

Larissa found that she became "more independent both financially and emotionally in Colorado Springs."

"The cold winter was necessary for me to grow and flourish in the Spring," Larissa poetically added.

That of course is a reference to how she despaired (with a massive dose of seasonal depression) during her first real winter.

"I’m grateful for the year I spent in Colorado Springs," she affirmed.

Larissa Lima in a Magenta Top
Photo via Instagram

"This beautiful small city, that I truly lovingly call the Pet Cemetery," Larissa wrote.

(For the record, Colorado Springs has nearly half a million residents … it’s not a small city, and it’s only about 30% smaller than Vegas)

Colorado Springs, she shared, "is filled with the kindest, most genuine, and hardworking people I have ever met."

Larissa Lima Enjoys Her Dinner
Photo via Instagram

"It was a pleasure to meet everyone that came up to me to say ‘hi,’" Larissa expressed.

"I will never forget you or your beautiful town," she vowed.

"Now, I’m ready for a new beginning," Larissa affirmed, "without the winter blues."

Larissa Lima Gets All In Your Face

"I did in fact get very blue in the cold of winter," Larissa admitted.

Again, Larissa has acknowledged many times that she has struggled with depression, and a lack of sunlight and warmth can actually make that worse.

While many of us look forward to a lack of insects or sweat, certain forms of depression can make people dread those cold comforts.

"Winter sports and hiking are not my niche," Larissa admitted.

"No regrets…onto new things in my former city," she announced.

Larissa concluded her caption by writing: "VIVA LAS VEGAS"

Photo via Us Weekly

Of all people, her former mother-in-law Debbie Johnson commented to welcome her back.

"Welcome back lady. We will have to do lunch @vanessaj_702 and I," Debbie suggested, tagging her current daughter-in-law.

You know what that is? Growth. And it’s beautiful to see.