June Shannon: The Masked Singer Was My First SOBER Project with Alana in Many Years!

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The Masked Singer is a monument to the hubris of mankind. A manifestation of our failings.

It has also been instrumental as Mama June Shannon and Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson mend their broken bond.

Recently revealed as the "Beach Ball" duo, the mother and daughter are speaking about where things stand.

June has shared that this is actually the first time that she's worked on something with Alana while sober in a long, long time.

June Shannon and Alana Thompson on The Masked Singer

Like all of the other stars who wear nightmarish costumes and sing poorly and anonymously, June and Alana had a choice.

They both had to agree to take the gig and participate in the dystopian singing competition together.

They both said yes -- and have no regrets about that choice.

The Masked Singer beach ball nightmare (Mama June and Alana)

"We had already been reconnecting," June told E! News.

They had been talking again "because I was a year and a half sober at that point."

However, doing the show together helped the mother and daughter to continue to heal.

June Shannon is Happy With Her Makeover

"But I tell peopleā€¦I started realizing when Alana did Dancing With the Stars a few years ago," June shared.

At that time, she confirmed: "I was in my addiction."

That makes sense, as the 2018 reality dancing stint was followed by June's arrest in early 2019 and a frightening downward spiral.

June Shannon Has a Bone to Pick

So this trip was June's first time doing a major project in California with Alana while sober.

"For me, it made me feel really good," June expressed.

"And," she affirmed, "I wanted to include that."

Momma June

June is calling attention to it "because I wanted to kind of show people that you can come out of recovery."

"And," she continued, you can "do things that you set your mind to."

The prospect of getting one's life back together after a major addiction event and recovery can be daunting.

June Shannon Dancingq

"You can reconnect with your family," June affirmed.

"And that's a huge reason why I've shared that also with our show," she noted.

It's not called Mama June: Road to Redemption because it's a road trip, after all.

Alana Thompson in Teen Vogue

Alana also weighed in.

She shared that she had a "different" experience on The Masked Singer than she has on past gigs.

However, Alana gushed that this time around was "definitely a lot more fun."

Alana Thompson on Insta

June's sobriety was a major factor in that, Alana affirmed.

"I did like the experience a lot more being that she was sober," Alana stated.

She then gushed: "I'm very, very, very proud of her."

Alana Thompson in Fake Lashes

Their reign as the unidentified Beach Ball contestant came to an end as they were unmasked on November 3.

However, Alana and June aren't done with television.

The two are stars on Mama June: Road to Redemption, and nothing has changed that.

June Shannon Predicts Catastrophe

Their family has been on reality television for many years now.

In retrospect, June feels a sense of pride as the steps that she has made in recent years.

There was a time when it all seemed impossible.

June Shannon Wasn't Expecting This

"I never thought that I would be much into my recovery," June admitted.

She didn't imagine that she would be "helping others and appearing on my social media."

"And," June added, "sharing so much of my life."

June Shannon: A picture

"You have seen craziness in the last 10 years," June pointed out, referring to "ups and downs."

"And that was just one of my lows," she characterized, "and now I'm back on that high."

June is referring to life's milestones, not to chemically induced euphoria. Just to be clear.

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