Josh Duggar Was Ripping Off Customers, Selling "Broken" Cars Ahead of Child Porn Arrest

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Another day, another reminder that Josh Duggar is a strong contender for the title of Worst Human Being on God's Green Earth.

We're sure you're aware by now of the most appalling development in Josh's life.

We're talking of course about the fact that Josh has been arrested on child pornography charges and will soon stand trial for his alleged crimes.

It's not the first time that Josh has been accused of a sex crime, but it's looking like he might finally be held accountable for his actions.

Josh Duggar is the Worst

Anyway, it probably won't shock you to learn that Josh's awfulness isn't limited to sexual misconduct.

Like his father, Josh has gained a reputation as one of northwest Arkansas' greediest hucksters, and those who know the 33-year-old best say they would avoid doing business with him at all cost.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Josh was drawn to two career fields where his lack of morals and talent for conning others would serve him well -- politics and used car sales.

Josh and Anna at Court

Insiders say Josh originally planned to follow in his father's footsteps and run for office, but his career in Washington was short-lived.

Josh was a lobbyist for the ultra-conservative Family Research Council when it was revealed that he had molested five young girls, a crime that his parents helped him keep hidden for several years.

That was the end of Josh's time in D.C., but his ever-forgiving parents helped him to buy a used car dealership shortly after he returned to Arkansas.

Josh and Anna Throwback

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, Josh wasn't exactly the most scrupulous salesman on the lot.

In fact, according to a new report from The Sun, Duggar had a reputation for bilking his customers and using unethical sales techniques to move shoddy merchandise.

Former Champion Motorcars customer Steve Strygulec offered the following account of purchasing a mororhome from Josh's dealership:

Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad

"Josh was the primary salesman showing us features, how to use it and deciding the price. Jed initially introduced himself as the owner, but every vehicle we asked about he had to go to Josh to ask information and what best price was they could do.”

“We were told it was good and needed a few small fixes. Well, as soon as we got home, it rained. We found the roof was poorly repaired with plastic and was leaking. 

“Water lines were bad, the hot water heater was broken. I asked them to test the water system, but they said they didn't have a water hose to hookup. They said there was a recent oil change, but when I changed the oil it was black and sludgy. The filter was also old. 

Josh Duggar, Wife Photo

“They told us AC had been repaired, but when we finally found old papers hidden in a cabinet in the RV, there was an invoice showing the AC system was dead and needing significant repairs. Tons of other suspension and other issues.”

“It’s sad. They try to charm you and say they are great at repairs and have maintained the vehicles. But come to find out it was all lies to make a quick buck. 

“I wouldn't ever consider buying from the family again. But hey, it's a learning lesson!”

Josh Duggar Looks Happy

Ashley Thompson says she had a similarly "horrible" experience when she bought a car from Josh last year:

“I literally drove hours out of my way to look at and purchase a vehicle. The guy never showed up and never responded to me again. He had the nerve a week later tell me to drive hours away again for another vehicle.

“There are others who had some of the same experiences with them. I don't have anything to hide. He knows he was doing people wrong. No morals or respect for others and that's no way to run a business or establishment.”

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Announcement

"Terrible communication. Sometimes took 24 hours to respond to a text, sometimes wouldn't respond at all. I talked to him on the phone several times, verifying that a car was still available and made sure he was aware that we were going to get a check from the bank and coming to see the car in the morning. 

“He told me on the phone that he would make sure the car was ready and then texted me at 11:45pm the night before and told me that they sold the car.”

And according to the dealership's Facebook page, the sketchy practices continued right up until Josh's arrest earlier this year:

Josh Duggar at a Game

“Be honest!!!! We just bought a 2013 focus less than a week ago for $5,500 and it’s already broken down with two issues," reads one of the most recent posts.

"Y’all had to have known it had serious issues. I’m crushed!!!”

While we're certainly not shocked that Josh is both lazy and unethical, it's a bit of a surprise that he was this horrible at his job.

The Masked Devil

Of course, his time as a seller of crappy cars came to an end last year when the dealership was raided by agents from the Department of Homeland Security.

Five months later Josh was arrested on child pornography charges.

Leave it to a Duggar to make every other used car salesman on the planet look downright decent by comparison.

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