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It has been nearly a decade since Jon Gosselin was in touch with his twin daughters.

He is much closer with two of his children … who are not close with Kate at all.

17-year-old Hannah Gosselin does not miss her mom at all, even if it means awkwardness with some of her siblings.

In fact, Jon just shared a rare photo of Hannah as the two take an epic cross-country trip.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin Take a Trip

On Instagram, Jon Gosselin teased a trip across the country.

He shared a look at Hannah’s luggage alongside this rare glimpse of Hannah herself.

The caption? "Going back to Cali. (In my LL Cool J voice) lol."

Jon showed a view from the rear of the vehicle, with the hatch open, and Hannah staring back over her luggage.

She’s smiling and, fans could not help but notice, looking astonishingly grown up at 17 years old.

"You ready?" Jon wrote atop the image, further teasing the adventure.

Hannah Gosselin
Photo via Instagram

The father of eight was sure to let fans and followers know that they had a safe flight.

"Hello sunny LA!" he wrote. "We made it safe."

Most eyes, however, were on Hannah, as people marveled at the near-adult after not seeing her in so long.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin Cuddly Photo
Photo via Instagram

“She is not that grown up omg no she’s not," marveled one commenter.

Another admited: “Crazy I still pictured her as a little girl."

We have seen photos of Hannah as a teen before, but they are few and far between, and most still remember her as she was on Kate Plus 8.

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, 4th of July
Photo via Instagram

“Awww she’s so grown now! Beautiful young lady!” praised a different commenter.

Another fan wrote: “Beautiful Hannah.. seems like only yesterday she was a baby. Safe travels enjoy.

Obviously, many could not help but notice that she appears to be wearing a nose ring. Cute!

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin
Photo via Instagram

Fans and followers also speculated about the reason for the trip.

Despite Jon’s recent breakup (and the messy fallout), it seems unlikely that this is a move.

Instead, most figure that they’re in town for something specific.

Jon Gosselin in Florida with Collin Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad
Photo via Instagram

One follower suggested that they’re there to "visit Disneyland," but that feels like a stretch for a 17-year-old in November.

Something a little more timely might be the upcoming BTS concert.

BTS is a K-pop band so wildly popular across the entire globe that it feels silly to even explain who they are, and Hannah fits perfectly into their target demographic.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of High School
Photo via Instagram

Recently, Jon sat down with Dr. Oz to give a rundown and an update on, well, everything.

He admitted taht Hannah has been "snubbed by her brothers" who are still Kate loyalists.

Hannah has, he noted, been in contact with some of her sisters.

Jon Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad on July 4th 2020
Photo via Instagram

Hannah is not in contact with Kate, with whom she remains estranged.

"No, I know that," Jon related. "She feels a little bit slighted from what things have transpired."

He affirmed: "I know she misses Leah and Alexis."

Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of Freshman Year
Photo via Instagram

"She’s been snubbed by her brothers," Jon shared grimly.

"So," he admitted, "I don’t know what’s going on with that."

Jon does not have contact with his Kate-aligned children, so as much as he wants to, he can’t really help Hannah with any of that.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, July 4th
Photo via Instagram

Divorce can be tricky for kids, and contrary to what many people think, it’s not always pining for their parents to get back together.

Some children, particularly older ones, may find themselves celebrating a split because they have grown to detest one parent or the other.

The problem is that, when there are multiple children in the mix, they might not agree — no matter how much worse one parent is.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Go Eagles
Photo via Instagram

When these faction lines are drawn, the children can end up just as fractured from each other — or worse — than their parents are.

Hannah and Collin may view their siblings as confused or worse for siding with Kate, a woman who has done so much harm.

But their siblings may feel the same way, and be extra vocal about it in a misguided effort to appease their very intense mother.