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Jade Cline is still a relative newcomer to the world of Teen Mom 2.

She’s younger than the other cast members, and she hasn’t earned quite as much money, but don’t worry — she’s crossing all the usual rites of passage off her list.

Like the so many of the more senior moms, Jade has already broken up and gotten back together with her loser boyfriend several times.

She’s also taken to social media to complain that MTV is making her look bad — a favorite habit of her predecessors — and now she’s taking part in what might be the most important Teen Mom tradition of them all:

Jade Cline in 2020

(Besides having a kid while still in one’s teens, of course.)

Yes, Jade has used her comically oversized paychecks to pay for some drastic plastic surgery.

She’s certainly not the first star of the Teen Mom universe to go under the knife, and we’re sure she won’t be the last.

Jade Cline on the Gram

(In fact, we would bet real American dollars that at least one of the ladies has a procedure scheduled between now and the end of the year.)

But she is the latest to have some work done, and as evidenced by her most recent pics, she’s quite proud of her transformation.

Yes, Jade has undergone Brazilian butt lift and liposuction in the past few months.

Jade Cline's Boob Job

She also had fat from other parts of her body transferred to her breasts.

But even though material was implanted into her breasts to make them larger, she insists that she did not receive breast implants.

"No implants, just some fat transferred," she wrote on Instagram.

Photo via Instagram

"Didn’t really get them bigger just more filled out. I’m still the same cup size just fuller."

Jade is clearly under the impression that because her implants were made of a synthetic material like silicone, it means she didn’t get breast implants.

We think she’s splitting hairs, but hey — at least she’s not denying going under the knife, as so many other reality stars do.

Jade Cline Snapshot

As for her decision to have several procedures done in a short period of time, Jade says she was inspired by other women she knows who have had work done.

"I saw so many people I knew that were having BBLs, and I was so impressed and astonished at the shapes of their bodies," Cline said in a recent podcast interview.

And while she’s clearly a fan of the results, Jade cautions fans that the experience was an intensely painful one.

Jade Cline on Set

"It was 10 times worse than child birth. Everyone is different, but I know that my body definitely had a hard time recovering," she said.

As for how Jade’s latest pics have been received by fans … well, as The Sun reports, some of her commenters have been less than complimentary.

"This is about as basic as it gets," wrote one critic.

Jade Cline Selfie

"So thirsty," another added.

But hey, the important thing is that Jade is happy with her new look.

Now here’s hoping she won’t go to any wild extremes when it comes to tinkering with her appearance.