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Isabel Roloff is getting very close to giving birth.

But while the former reality star will soon be welcoming a brand new human being into the world, fans want to know if she and husband Jacob also have plans to welcome a brand new business into their universe.

In other, less confusing words?

Will Isabel and Jacob purchase the latter’s family farm?

Jacob Roloff on the Farm

The future of Roloff Farms has been a hot topic of debate among Little People, Big World fans for awhile now.

On multiple occasions over the past year or so, Matt Roloff has hinted at retirement, stating for the public record that he’s looking forward to spending more time in Arizona with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Maybe not next month. Maybe not next year.

But at some point, Matt will no longer be running the property, causing many observers to wonder whether one of his sons will take over.

Matt Roloff with Jacob

Could it be Zach Roloff?

"One thing Tori and me talked about, we’ve talked about maybe we can move in here," Zach said last year, on an episode of his TLC reality show, catching him mom off guard at the time.

"Maybe we can be the ones that take over the farm, buy the place."

Zach later added that he and his wife had "tabled the discussion," but it doesn’t sound as if they’ve taken it off the table.

Roloff Promo Pic

What about Jeremy Roloff?

Zach’s twin walked away from Little People, Big World in 2018 and has gone on two write a pair of books with his wife, Audrey, while also releasing a podcast.

Asked by a follower several months ago why the pair had never made an off to buy the farm, Audrey actually said they had.

"We tried last year in May," she explained, not elaborating any further and instead telling fans to tune in to her podcast to learn more.

So that brings us to Isabel and Jacob.

The expecting couple prefers to stay out of the spotlight and, to be frank, don’t really seem to hold down the sort of jobs that would enable them to save enough money to actually make a competitive offer — and yet…

… a curious fan asked Isabel this week:

Are you and Jacob buying the 1/2 of the farm? [You] seem to be there a lot.

We’d go ahead and point out the lack of logic in this inquiry ourselves.

But Isabel went ahead and did so in her own cheeky fashion instead, writing back:

I also go to the Thai place down the street a lot but have no plans of purchasing it.

Photo via Instagram

So there you have it for Jacob and Isabel.

Zach, however, won’t rule out an eventual purchase.

“I want Jackson and Lilah to grow up on property,” Zach told his mom and dad in 2020.

“Maybe this could be an option for Tori and I. I know Jeremy’s involved, but I don’t see why I couldn’t step up and be in that role too.”