Farrah Abraham BLASTED After Dressing Daughter in Fishnet Stockings: Enough!!

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Farrah Abraham's unpopularity is so intense and enduring that it's part of why she's returning to reality TV.

She's known to go on vicious, bigoted rants. She spreads dangerous misinformation. She's not a good person.

Many Teen Mom fans worry that she's also not a good parent, as her daughter's latest look indicates.

Should a 12-year-old be wearing fishnet stockings?

Farrah and Sophia Pic

Sophia Abraham is sporting a new look, as Farrah Abraham showed off on Instagram.

The tween was sporting full on glam makeup with a now-familiar set of red velvet streaks in her hair.

Sophia's outfit included a long-sleeved white blouse, a black vest, a black skirt, and what appear to be fishnet stockings.

Sophia Abraham in e-girl costume

Farrah clarified that this isn't Sophia's day-to-day look for going out.

Instead, this was her costume for some sort of Halloween festival.

Specifically, it's an "e-girl" costume ... and we'll explain that in a moment.

Farrah Abraham and "e-girl" Sophia Abraham on TikTok

Fans were stunned by Sophia's adult costume and downright shocked (but not surprised) that Farrah was posting it for the world to see.

As is so often the case with Farrah's parenting, it prompted a multitude of responses demanding that she let Sophia be a "normal kid."

"Smh you should let her be the kid that she is," a commenter wrote. "She doesn't need all that makeup."

Sophia Abraham IG face filters self esteem worries

"Omg why does Sophia look older than Farrah," another asked.

We're sure that they were not insulting the tweent, but merely referring to Sophia's grown-up ensemble.

"You're letting Sophia grow up too fast," a separate commenter accused.

Sophia Abraham iwith red velvet hair

"My goodness Sophia's growing up," marveled a different social media user.

Another wrote: "Sophia is growing up so fast!"

As you can see, the tone of these comments varies widely between praise and condemnation.

Farrah and Sophia on Mother's Day

The praise, in each case, was aimed at Sophia.

The condemnation was very consitently pointed at Farrah, her mother.

Of course Sophia is growing up, but ... is Farrah pushing her to grow up a little bit faster?

Sophia Abraham in a crop top with red velvet hair

Before we get ahead of ourselves ... what the heck is an e-girl?

For those of you who aren't as terminally online as I am, this is a term that gets bandied about, both sincerely and ironically, nonstop.

While some teens misuse the term on TikTok, "e-girl" (sometimes written as "egirl") has an established meaning.

e-girl definition via urbandictionary

The term was certainly invented by men, but applies to women online who (intentionally or otherwise) appeal to their "gamer girlfriend" fantasy.

While statistically women play video games just as much as men do, the "e-girl" fantasy appeals to traditional beauty standards while doing so.

A number of Twitch streamers (especially Hot Tub streamers, who are truly living their best lives) and influencers are able to monetize their hobbies and desirability.

Farrah and Sophia on a Yacht

For example, Belle Delphine did just that before going into sex work by doing porn.

(She is perhaps best known for having sold "gamer girl bathwater" ... as in, literally the water from her bathtub)

So now that we've hashed out what an e-girl is ... is that an appropriate costume for a 12-year-old?

Farrah and Sophia Celebrate Christmas

Halloween is an opportunity for children to let their imaginations run wild and show off their creativity.

In some cases, that means dressing up and roleplaying as familiar characters or creatures.

In other cases, they might dress as teachers or other adult professions -- sometimes, wearing scrubs and a stethescope is easy, and you still get candy.

Farrah Brings Sophia Along

(Yes, children inventing lazy costume ideas that allows them to get candy is its own form of creativity)

But obviously, not all costumes that would be fun and appropriate for adults (or even teens) are appropriate for younger children.

Some costumes are designed to show off people's bodies or entice others, and those should wait for a few more years, you know?

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Go Shopping

In the past, we've noted that it's normal for girls Sophia's age to dress up and experiment with different looks.

That remains true.

While we wouldn't personally feel comfortable dressing up a 12-year-old as an e-girl, Sophia's take on the costume is very tame.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

That said ... we can't endorse what Farrah did here.

Farrah could let Sophia dress in this probably-harmless costume, but there was no need for her to broadcast it over the internet.

Sophia is her daughter, not her monetization prop to get extra clicks from weirdos. We wish that she understood that.

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