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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ explosive Reunion special was too much for the traditional breakdown.

It’s going to air in four parts, and we all know that Erika Jayne played a huge role in that.

What we’re only now learning is the content of Erika’s contribution.

Namely, it’s a huge, screaming fight … and it’s not with her castmates. It’s with Andy.

Erika Jayne Trashes Sutton

Erika Jayne has been quick to hint on social media that she is behind the Reunion’s extended release format.

"Hint" is actually an understatement. She all but directly claimed it.

Obviously, her castmates will have plenty to say, and there were other storylines worth covering.

Photo via BRAVO

But HollywoodLife reports that at least part of the Reunion’s taping included a full-on screaming match.

The fight went down between Erika Jayne and Andy Cohen.

It’s not just an incident. Apparently, it was the central conflict.

Erika Jayne in Pink

“Most of the fighting was actually done [between] Andy and Erika,” the insider reported.

“And," the source dished, "it is what a lot of the reunion will be about.”

That will be very interesting to witness.

Erika Jayne in Shock

The report does emphasize that Erika knows that the entire world has questions for her.

Make that a lot of questions.

Also, she has reportedly been pretty open about answering them.

Erika Jayne with Shades

Additionally, the report emphasizes that Erika understands that Andy is fulfilling his role as host.

“Erika isn’t mad at all at Andy,” the insider added.

“And," the source concluded, "she understands he had a job to do.”

E. Jayne

Like the Housewives themselves, Andy has a professional obligation to provide entertainment and drama on camera.

There are certain lines that he and Bravo will not cross, often for legal reasons.

For example, they declined to air certain details of Madison LeCroy’s love life on a memorable Reunion of Southern Charm.

Erika in Tears

But Andy also has to ask the Housewives questions, even questions that make them uncomfortable.

It can be awkward, especially considering that there are social friendships in play also.

That’s always the nature of the franchise, though. Many of these people are genuine friends … which is what makes their fights so real.

Photo via Bravo

In Andy’s case, he knows that he has to press on certain issues and ask specific questions.

The Reunion isn’t just about seeing what has changed and where things stand, to touch base so many months after filming.

It also exists to give a sense of closure for the audience, to at times break the fourth wall and get more direct with the cast.

Erika Jayne Remarks on the Downfall of Her Ex

So Andy’s role is to faciliate all of that, even if it means duking it out (verbally) with the cast.

But the Reunion also serves another purpose that is very relevant for Erika and her castmates.

it’s effectively an audition for returning the following season.

Erika Jayne on RHOBH

Obviously, some people know that their return is either certain or absolutely out of the question.

But in most cases, the Housewives know that they might face a reduced role — or be offered nothing.

Having a strong presence at the Reunion, one that is both memorable and evocative, can make all of the difference.

Photo via Bravo

Erika, to be blunt, needs this job. She has been hemorrhaging money and it’s impacting her lifestyle.

Whatever she knew and whenever she knew it aside, she knows that she must continue to bring her A-game if she wants those juicy Bravo checks.

Her ludicrously expensive glam squad doesn’t pay for itself. And she’ll quarrel with Andy all day if the pay is right.