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At this point, David Eason has been unemployed for so long that he probably forgot what it’s like to leave his house with any regularity.

Spending every hour of every day under the same roof as Jenelle Evans would be enough to drive anyone insane, and David had quite a few screws loose even before he became unemployable.

So over the past few years, Jenelle and David’s followers have watched them go slowly steadily more insane as their house decays around them.

It’s like watching The Shining in fast forward.

David Eason With a Gun
Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage
Photo via Instagram

Anyway, all kidding aside, an unhinged David is a dangerous David — especially if there are children or animals around.

So the news that Eason walks around inside his own home with a gun on his waist is both hilarious and a little worrisome.

After all, David’s epic-length period of unemployment began when he shot and killed the family dog in front of his kids.

David Eason with Huge Beard

And since that incident brought him a ton of attention (which is his second favorite thing, right behind not working), you can be sure that David will shoot another innocent creature sometime soon.

The latest indication of David’s increasing paranoia is the fact that he’s taken to wearing a gun on his waist 24/7, apparently out of fear of a random, daytime home invasion.

He’s always prided himself on his gun collection, which makes sense, as those pieces are probably the only expensive things he hasn’t pawned yet.

Photo via Instagram

But the revelation that David feels the need to be strapped while participating in a home repair project with his wife has left fans in hysterics.

"My shed is almost complete Yes I’m painting in a bikini cuz it’s hot af," Jenelle captioned the photo above, which shows her painting her she-shed with David’s help.

This is exciting news for both of the people who are eagerly awaiting the third episode of Jenelle’s podcast.

Photo via Instagram

Evans says the reason she hasn’t recorded any new content in two months is that she wanted to record in her shed, but it was in a state of bad disrepair.

If only she lived with an unemployed guy who could’ve done something about that months ago!

Anyway, the fact that David doesn’t feel safe enough to paint a shed without a gun on his hip is objectively hilarious, and thankfully, he roasted within an inch of his life on Reddit:

David Eason Gets Serious

"Who needs to carry a gun that much? I can’t imagine needing to feel like at any time I’d have to draw down on someone at my home," one user wrote, according to The Sun.

"The fact that he’s strapped while they’re alone and painting… dude does way too f–king much and I’d be scared if I were Jenelle," another added.

"Pathetic. Why does he carry a gun like this while he is at home? The f–k does he think is gonna happen?" a third asked.

David Eason With a Gun

See, this is what happens when a person allows themself to be completely and utterly controlled by fear.

Does David actually think he’s gonna be attacked by a burglar or wild animal while painting his wife’s shed in the middle of the day?

Hopefully, he realizes that that’s incredibly unlikely, but the one in 40 bajillion chance that it might happen is enough to spark such profound fear in this guy that he would feel crippled without the comfort of a gun on his hip.

David Eason Crying

This is another one of those cases where it’s easy to laugh at Jenelle and David, and you absolutely should — they’re ridiculous human beings.

But it’s also important to bear in mind that they lost custody of their kids for good reason — they’re incapable of providing a safe, clean environment for them.

And now, most of Jenelle and David’s kids are once again legally permitted to live them.

Which means the situation is officially more scary/depressing than it is funny.