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Despite leaving the franchise years ago, Danielle Staub has had a lot to say about her time at Bravo.

She’s taken shots at Andy Cohen. Now, she has a new claim about her former castmate.

According to Danielle, Teresa Guidice once took a fight too far — even by RHONJ standards.

How? Tre allegedly stabbed Danielle with a friggen fork.

Danielle Staub Makes a Stunning Announcement

People reporter David Quinn has come out with a tell-all book with a very lengthy title.

The book is Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of the Real Housewives From the People Who Lived It.

Quinn interviewed cast, producers, and network executives for a deep dive into the history of the infamous Bravo franchise.

Danielle Staub on Wendy Williams
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Apparently, this all went down during a major fight back in 2010.

We’ll spare you from doing the math — that was Season 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The blowout took place at a fashion show for Kim DePaola’s boutique, Posche.

Photo via Bravo

It all started when Danielle called Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashley, a name — and not a nice one.

This led to a confrontation between Danielle and Teresa, who called her a "bitch."

Danielle fired back with some sort of insult about Teresa’s finances.

Danielle Staub Smiles
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According to what Danielle said in her interview, that fight became physical.

The Housewives are known for backstabbing, but this time, it was much more literal.

“Teresa took a fork to my back!" Danielle claimed in the interview, as cited in the book.

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"I had a fork stabbed and dragged down my back!" Danielle described.

"So," she continued, "I stopped running."

“One of the security guys was holding onto my arm," Danielle recalled.

Danielle Staub and a Plane
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"I remember saying, ‘Let go of me. You’re holding me back,’" Danielle narrated.

"This was like Jerry Springer on steroids," she characterized.

Danielle continued: "Like, these women were dangerous.”

Danielle Staub Attends RHONJ Reunion
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“It came as a shock to me," Danielle remarked, "that I was allowed to be treated this way.”

Interestingly, that ugly physical fight never actually made it onto the show, even though it might have been ratings gold.

It was just too violent and too physical, as explained elsewhere in the same book.

Photo via Bravo

“We don’t like it when it gets physical,” Andy Cohen explained in his interview.

“We tend to cut away from it," he shared.

"We’ll show that something happens," Andy said, "but we kind of do flashes on the screen."

Photo via Bravo

Andy recalls the incident, but it is not a fond memory.

"It was not in keeping with what we want the Housewives to be," Andy expressed.

Notably, in addition to the alleged fork-stabbing by Teresa, Jaqueline Laurita’s then-teenage daughter Ashlee pulled Danielle’s hair.

Danielle Staub, Sexy at the Beach
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Danielle filed criminal complaints against both women after the 2010 incident.

She ultimately dropped the complaint against Teresa.

Ashlee, though just a teenager at the time, was another story.

Danielle Staub Flips Out
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Danielle successfully pressed charges against Ashlee for the hair-pulling.

Jaqueline’s teenage daughter was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine.

Of course, the fine amounted to $189, so there were no real winners in any part of this story.