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Amy Duggar has an important story to tell.

It’s personal and it’s painful… but she hopes it helps millions of other women around the world.

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the niece of Jim Bob Duggar has posted a lengthy caption to a photo of her hand with the world "ENOUGH" scrawled across the palm.

This caption relays two awful incidents of abuse that Amy suffered at the hands of past boyfriends.

Amy Duggar on Social

"I dated a guy before I was married that was in oil," Amy opened.

"A lot of money and had a pretty big status around town.

"We were at a New Years party at some millionaires house and he was telling a story but he wasn’t telling the story right so I said, No, babe, it went like this, thinking that wouldn’t be a big deal to just tell the story right?

"He asked if we could go talk in the hallway — and the second we got away from people he grabbed me by the neck and grabbed my hair and hit my head against the wall several times and told me to never make him look bad again."

Simply awful.

"My job as his girlfriend was just to make him look good," continued Duggar.

"He said if you don’t shut your trap you won’t be my wife. I remember shaking and totally scared not knowing what to do.

"We left the party and I tried to apologize to him like I did something wrong??

"But he became furious broke a vase and then got into his family vault and showed me the ring he had for me and tossed it in the yard."

A Amy Duggar Selfie Shot

Amy, thankfully, concluded this portion of her story by writing "I knew I couldn’t live with that" and she therefore got out of the relatiionship.

Long estranged from famous members of her family, Amy has been especially outspoken over the last few months — ever since Josh Duggarr got arrested in April on charges of child pornography possession.

She’s attempted to reach out to Josh’s wife, too, telling Anna Duggar to be strong and leave herr digusting spouse.

Amy has also straight-up slammed Josh as an evil monster.

Amy Duggar from a Car

Duggar, meanwhile, unfortunately had a second awful experience to pass along to followers this week.

"I dated a guy who seemed great, he was taller which made me feel safe and there was a genuine connection and then one night it switched," she wrote.

"We were watching a movie and randomly he said to me I bet you are thinking about another guy right now and I was like umm no.

"And he got up and screamed “DON’T LIE TO ME!!” Broke the dvd , and I was like “ what the hell is wrong with you” and he was like why are you with me

Amy Duggar in a Sun Hat

Continued Amy:

"He told me nobody ever leaves him.

"He then became like the freaking hulk & slammed his hand against his large TV and broke it into a million pieces and was throwing things and then raised his first like he was going hit me."

Once again: simply awful.

Amy Duggar with a Selfie

Amy ended her post with a pressing message, writing:

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Imagine the nightmare if I would have married either men?

Abuse starts small, and they figure out what they can get away with and then it leads to more and more and more until they literally cannot stop.

If you are married or dating someone who threatens your security in any aspect LEAVE. Escape their wrath and their manipulation and control.

Amy Duggar and Son and Hubby

This message (sadly) applies to an endless number women across the country and across the globe.

It’s hard not to think that Amy had one person in particular in mind when penning these final two sentences, however.

We’d have to imagine she hopes Anna Duggar reads it, thinks about it and then takes the steps necessary to leave Josh once and for all.