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Another day, another cryptic post from Amy Duggar.

The niece of Jim Bob and cousin of Josh, Amy has been estranged from her infamous family members for years now.

For the most part, however, over the past few years, Amy has mostly kept quiet about this relationship.

She’s gone about her business and gotten married and welcomed a son and generally wished her relatives well — while keeping her distance from them, of course.

Amy Duggar Video Still

All of this changed when Josh Duggar got arrested on charges of child pornography possession, however.

Amy could no longer remain silent, not when she considered all the direct and indirect victims of her cousin’s alleged crimes.

Early on, shortly after Josh was taken into custody, Amy labeled him an evil monster.

She’s has since doubled down on this accusation, wondering for all to see and hear just what happened to make Josh this way.

Amy Duggar from a Car

"I think everyone is just trying to figure out where all this started from with my cousin," Amy wrote just over a week ago about Josh, who is facing 40 years in prison.

"I’m just going to be real about it all," she added.

"Of course our family will be cross examined this is sick, and so evil."

Pretty much impossible to argue with anything Amy said there, iisn’t it?

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Now, meanwhile, Amy has hinted that she went through her own obstacles while growing up… even if she didn’t grow up under the same roof as Jim Bob, Michelle and their minion of children.

"If you do not address your childhood traumas, then your romantic relationships will," Amy posted very simply this week.

Considering Amy seems to be very happily married, it’s safe to assume that she has addressed any childhood trauma she may have gone through.

But only someone who has experience something of this nature would share such a message, you know?

It sadly makes you think.

Amy also wrote a lengthy post in honor of  Mental Health Awareness Day this month, sharing important advice with her followers.

She told stories of two different violent boyfriends from her past and how she thankfully got out of those relationships before they turned too ugly.

These troubled romances taught Amy a valuable lesson, however.

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"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Imagine the nightmare if I would have married either men?" added Amy.

"Abuse starts small, and they figure out what they can get away with and then it leads to more and more and more until they literally cannot stop.

"If you are married or dating someone who threatens your security in any aspect LEAVE.

"Escape their wrath and their manipulation and control."

Amy Duggar and Cute Son

Amy did not include the names of any family members in this post.

But she previously wrote about how women need to be confident and strong and to do what’s best for them and their kids, even when it’s difficult.

She didn’t include any names in that post, either.

Is there any doubt, though, that Amy is desperately trying to get through to Anna Duggar and to impart upon her a simple message:

Leave. Leave Josh right now.