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Big news out of West Virginia today!

It seems that Leah Messer’s sister Victoria has gotten engaged to Royer Rodriguez, the father of her youngest child.

Victoria shared the news with fans by posting the photo below on Instagram this week.

Leah’s fans and social media followers will know that this news has been a long time in the making.

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The couple met while during a family vacation in Costa Rica in May of 2019, when Royer served as the Messers’ rafting guide.

Victoria and Royer hit it off immediately and spent the majority of the trip together.

Upon returning home, Victoria — who was still legally married to her second husband, Domenick Crapello — learned that she was pregnant with Royer’s child.

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She gave birth to son Cai in 2020, but unfortunately the couple’s legal difficulties were just beginning.

Due to visa and immigration and issues and the Covid-19 pandemic, Royer did not meet his son until this week.

Victoria documented the meeting, as well as Royer’s proposal — which may or may not have come as a surprise.

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“This was the first time you met our son in person and he reached for you like you were never gone, the bond was at first sight for the both of you,” Victoria captioned her latest Instagram post.

“I watched you care for our son and I watched you and seen your love for him and his love for you,” she continued.

“I was blessed to watch the two of you fall in love with one another. Such an amazing feeling with a lot of emotions.”

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While Victoria, Royer, and Cai obviously haven’t been able to spend much time together, it seems that they’ve been growing their relationship from afar.

“I watched our families blend and we all loved each other so instantly. We are a beautiful blended family,” Victoria continued.

“Nothing about our journey together has been easy, but nothing is easy and after two and a half years our love ONLY continues to grow stronger.”

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We’re guessing Leah is just as excited as Victoria, and she’ll probably serve as her sister’s bridesmaidsm — for the third time.

Not to rag on Victoria during this happy time in her life, but thus far, she’s been just as unlucky as Leah when it comes to marriage.

Ya know how Leah was divorced twice before she was 23 years old?

Well, Victoria actually has that record beat!

Victoria was previously married to Brian Jones and Domenick Crapello, and in keeping with family tradition, there was a bit of overlap between the relationships.

Oh well — everything worked out alright in the end, right?

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Fans have been rooting for Victoria and Royer ever since the former told her story on a Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

While there have been rumors that Victoria has been angling to become a regular cast member on the show, that obviously has yet to happen.

But hey, maybe this latest exciting development will lead producers to give her a second look!

Anyway, best of luck, you crazy kids!