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Tori Spelling has attracted a good deal of criticism over the course of her career.

Some of it has been deserved, such as the numerous times that Tori and husband Dean McDermott were caught lying in order to make it sound as though their domestic situation is more tumultuous than it actually is.

But some of it seems to be rooted in taking pleasure at Tori’s misfortune, such as the many times that fans have delighted in news that Spelling is broke.

As for the latest Tori controversy?

Tori Spelling with the Gold Flakes

Well, we’ll leave it up to you to decide which category it falls into.

Although we will point out that it’s a little strange that Tori keeps allowing stuff like this to happen to her.

After all, she should probably know better after spending literally her entire life in the spotlight.

Photo via Instagram

Anyway, the world celebrated National Sons’ Day this week, which is one of those occasions that makes Grandparents’ Day look legit by comparison.

You know — one of those hashtag holidays that offers none of the good parts of an actual holiday, but you’re still made to feel guilty if you forget it.

Tori never misses one of these occasions because she loves nothing more than to add a trending hashtag to her daily selfie.

Tori Spelling Bathes With Her Sons

But in this case, she really didn’t need any help going viral.

Tori posted the pic above along with a caption in which she offered a shoutout to her four sons.

"Jack, Liam , Finn, and Beau I love you so much. Happy #nationalsonsday," she wrote.

Tori Spelling Poses
Photo via Getty

"I my 4 boys sooooooo much! You are all such beautiful souls."

Never one to waste too much time on making sure that her posts actually make sense, Tori continued:

"Brave and YOU! I appreciate how you are all different ages but such leaders not followers. I love your hearts. Keep being you! Always."

Photo via Getty

"And, I’m obsessed with your wicked senses of humor. Love you. xo."

Now, there’s a lot of weird stuff going on here, but definitely the weirdest thing is the fact that Tori is sitting in a bathtub with her sons, the eldest of which is 9 years old … in other words, way too old to be sitting in a bathtub with his mother.

Not surprisingly, many fans were quick to call Tori out for what they felt was a deeply inappropriate post.

Dean McDermott and Family
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"You mean no one feels as though it’s inappropriate to have that oldest boy in the tub about 10-12 no one finds that inappropriate that he’s in the bathtub with his grown mother," one person wrote.

"All these people are only focused on whatever work she had done but want to dismiss her in a bubble bath clearly naked with her boys… that’s a bit more appalling than some Botox or plastic surgery," another added.

Others came to Tori’s defense and encouraged those commenters to get their minds out of the gutter:

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on St. Patrick's Day
Photo via Instagram

"These threads are always a lesson in keeping your mouth shut if you don’t have something nice to say," one person wrote.

To the people making negative comments on the bath photo," a second added.

"What’s perverted is the people who would think anything more than a mom with her kids."

Tori Spelling in Glasses
Photo via Instagram

"You all have a sick mind to be thinking it’s wrong or even worse a sexual thing," a third chimed in.

"Shame on you I am a mother of 3 sons myself and I would be incredibly p-ssed off if anyone would question my parenting choices. "

So yeah, not Tori’s proudest moment — but she’s actually got some people on her side for once, which is a rare change of pace for her!