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90 Day Fiance fans were overjoyed to hear that Robert Springs and Anny Francisco were expecting Baby #2.

The couple made the announcement this spring that they were expecting their second child together.

Now, Robert has announced the birth of their son.

He is praising his wife as a "true warrior" for birthing two children just over a year apart.

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Robert took to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday, September 7.

“Much love and respect to my wife who’s the true warrior,” he wrote as a shoutout to Anny.

He announce that she “gave birth to our baby boy.”

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Just thirteen months earlier, in July of 2020, the couple welcomed their daughter, Brenda.

They now have two children together.

However, Robert also has five children from four previous relationships.

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Most notably, for 90 Day Fiance viewers, is his adorable young son, Bryson.

Bryson was featured on the show and he lives with Robert and Anny.

He also appeared in their pregnancy reveal this past spring.

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Alongside numerous celebratory balloons and of course the ultrasound photos, they made the announcement in April.

“I am so happy to announce that we have a healthy baby on the way,” Anny declared, flaunting her baby bump.

“Our family is growing!" she gushed. "I am so emotional and happy to have my babies, my second blessing.”

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It was actually on an episode of Pillow Talk when Robert and Anny shared that they were expecting a son.

“It’s a boy,” Anny announced after she cut into a cake. “How cute! It’s a boy.”

She and Robert did a small if still ridiculous gender reveal with a confetti popper — blue confetti.

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They knew that this would be a dream come true for Bryson, who had already predicted it.

"It’s gonna be a boy," he prognosticated to Anny.

Bryson explained "because we can’t have two girls."

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Robert and Anny welcomed Brenda in late July of 2020.

"Welcome to the world, my princess," Anny gushed at the time on social media.

“I am full of love and happiness to have you in my life," she raved. "My gift from God was born July 28, 2020.”

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Robert also contributed his own celebratory post at the time.

“My beautiful wife and my beautiful baby girl," he wrote at the time.

Robert added: "Thank you all for your love and support your love is overwhelming thank you ALL.”

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Just a little over a month ago, the family celebrated Brenda’s first birthday.

Anny called her sweet little toddler a "princess."

“[Brenda] gave me the blessing of being a mother for the first time," she gushed. "I feel so blessed for my baby.”

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Viewers first got to know Robert and Anny on 90 Day Fiance.

After an online relationship, Robert first met Anny in person when his cruise docked at port.

It was only after eight hours of seeing each other in person that he proposed to her.

Anny Francisco and Robert Spring

The two were married two years ago, in September of 2019, in a small ceremony in Florida.

(Goodness, mid-to-late summers are just going to be full of fun dates for them to remember, won’t they?)

Seven months after they tied the knot, Robert and Anny shared that they had their first child on the way.