Jill Duggar Posts New Swimsuit Pics, Continues to Piss Off Jim Bob

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We're just weeks away from the beginning of Josh Duggar's child pornography trial.

And no matter what the outcome, it seems unlikely that the Duggar family will ever recover.

Even if Josh is found not guilty, or if he reaches some sort of overly-lenient plea deal (thankfully, both of these seem to be remote possibilities), the damage to his family has already been done.

In fact, the only Duggars who might be able to recover their reputations are the ones who cut ties with the family well before Josh's latest scandal.

Jill Duggar at a Waterpark

It's a very small group, and Jill Duggar has been leading the way for several years.

Jill cut ties with her parents -- and her more problematic siblings -- back in 2019.

Like several of her sisters, Jill was molested by Josh when she was a child, and she bears zero responsibility for any of the appalling actions in which he's engaged over the course of his perverse life.

Jill and Derick Poolside

But when casual onlookers assess the situation from afar, Jill will have the added advantage of having distanced herself from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the enablers who allowed Josh to get away with so much over many years of predatory behavior.

Jill had numerous reasons for jumping ship, and she couldn't have done so at a better time.

Not only did she gain her independence, she also became a hero to women who have found freedom after being trapped in cults or abusive family situations.

Jill Duggar and Hair

These days, Jill drinks alcohol, hangs out with family members who have been banished by her father, and just generally does whatever the hell she wants.

It's a refreshing change of pace, especially since Jill has stopped obeying what might be the most ridiculous Duggar laws of them all.

We're talking, of course, about the Duggar dress code.

Jill Duggar in the Sun

Yes, Jill has long ago stopped adhering to her family's silly rules regarding "modest attire."

Gone are the floor-length denim skirts, billowy blouses, and poofy hairdos that are apparently meant to function as a form of birth control.

In fact, in recent months Jill has modeling swimsuits from her favorite brand, and getting paid to do so! 

Jill Chills Poolside

There have been rumors that Jim Bob is outraged by the sight of his daughter so brazenly violating family rules and customs.

But if her latest Instagram post is any indication, those reports aren't bothering Jill in the slightest.

"I’m so excited to be #partnering with my favorite swimsuit & activewear company @modlifashion to give my followers some great deals!!" Jill captioned her most recent pics.

Jill Duggar Rocks Workout Gear

"This is the biggest discount my followers have ever been given!!! + one of you will win the GIVEAWAY and get a FREE outfit!!"

No need to rush to Jill's page as she's already selected a free outfit recipient.

But just look at the pics she's posted:

Jill Duggar Working Out

Aren't we all winners in this scenario?

Obviously, Jill looks great, and it's wonderful that her modeling career is taking off.

But really, the best thing about all of this is knowing that it's keeping Jim Bob up at night.

Jill Duggar Wears Bathing Suit

In fact, knowing Jim Bob, this stuff might upset him more than the Josh scandal.

Which is one of many reasons that we hope the majority of the Duggars will soon fade back into obscurity.

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