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With the premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2, we all know what’s coming.

Jen Shah will be arrested, and a lot of that mess was caught on camera, along with the aftermath.

The aftermath part has really thrown Meredith Marks for a loop.

She is bewildered that her castmate would have the gall to keep filming. What defense attorney would okay that?

Meredith and Jen have had … issues in the past, long before Jen’s arrest.

Jen’s (personality) issues lead her to have (interpersonal) issues with nearly everyone.

But between her social media hostility and her friend-stealing antics, she got on Meredith’s bad side last season.

In March, Jen and her assistant were arrested by federal investigators.

They are accused of defrauding hundreds of people by means of a nationwide telemarketing scheme.

As we have seen in the previews, Meredith is quick to note that this isn’t a victimless crime. Real people were hurt.

This month, Meredith Marks spoke to Us Weekly about Jen Shah’s arrest.

“I can’t fathom any attorney advising that she should have [kept filming]," Meredith remarked.

She explained: "which is why I was so surprised."

Meredith Marks

"I can understand why she might want to," Meredith acknowledged.

She speculated that Jen might want to film "because she might want to get her story out there."

Meredith continued: "or profess her innocence or whatever it may be."

“She may want to have a voice," Meredith added.

"I just can’t get my head around any lawyer under the sun ever advising a client in the same circumstances," she added.

Many have said the same of Jen and other Housewives who are under indictment.

“Every single one of the ladies, including me … was DM’d information about Jen," Meredith noted.

"So, knowing that and seeing how I could never understand what she did," she continued.

Meredith went on :"after all the questions that were asked, not just by me, but by the general public."

"And," Meredith continued, "not understanding what any of these marketing companies were marketing or whatever."

Getting to the point, she confirmed: "Yes, my eyebrows were raised."

Meredith admitted: “I didn’t understand what was going on."

"Did I think it was something illegal? No," Meredith said of Jen’s activities.

"Did I think it was possible? Sure," she said. "I mean, anything’s possible."

"But," Jen continued, "things didn’t add up for me and that was problematic.”

“Innocent until proven guilty at the end of the day,” Meredith also emphasized.

"My friendship with Jen is a different standard, it’s not held to legal standards," she added.

"But in terms of a crime, it is innocent till proven guilty," Meredith emphasized. "And you know, the court of friendships a little bit different.”

Meredith is being very generous towards Jen here. Charitable, even.

Remember, we’re talking about Jen Shah, a woman who was busted liking violent, homophobic social media posts about Meredith’s son.

(Yes, that will be addressed this season, too)

Meredith is correct, though.

Innocent until proven guilty is a legal doctrine and core component of our nation’s judiciary.

It doesn’t mean that people can’t be fired, unfollowed, disliked, or judged outside of court.

What is really interesting about Meredith’s nuanced take on Jen here is how heated things became.

We have all seen Jen get in Meredith’s face in an alarming and (even for Jen) aggressive way.

Plenty of people would show less tact when reflecting upon the person who screamed in their face just months earlier.