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Kailyn Lowry often makes choices that leave many of her fans and followers confused.

And for the most part, that’s OK — she obviously doesn’t need our approval to live her life.

Kailyn Lowry Stares and Stares

But every once in a while, she does something so ridiculous, so outrageous that it affects so many more people than just her.

We mean, we’d gossip about it all regardless, but that makes things a bit more pressing, right?

And if this latest rumor has any truth to it, then boy, do we have to talk about it right this second!

All right, so we all know that Kailyn has had that horribly toxic on-again, off-again thing with Chris Lopez — we call it a "thing" and not a "relationship" because it’s unclear if they were ever truly together.

Kailyn with Chris
Photo via Instagram

They have, however, hooked up several times, and they share two children, Lux and Creed.

It seems like when they’re on good terms, they have babies together, but when they’re on bad terms, which is more often than not, they absolutely despise each other.

We know that Kailyn has accused him of being physically abusive towards her multiple times, and that she was arrested last year for allegedly assaulting him.

She’s had a restraining order against him, one they seem to ignore so they can hang out and argue, which at this point appears to be foreplay for them.

Kailyn Lowry on Her Insta

It is really and truly a disaster …

… A disaster they may be looking to make official!

Yep, a lot of Teen Mom fans seem to think that these two may have gotten engaged, or are at least talking about getting engaged.

See, earlier this week Kailyn shared a meme of Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. The photo was of Kim and her date covered from head to toe in black, including full face masks, and the text read "How I’m introducing my man if I get engaged."

Photo via Instagram

Just that alone wouldn’t be a big deal — people share memes all the time, they don’t have to mean anything.

But another social media post from this week is a bit more suspicious.

"How you pose to know what size ring to get the girl if it’s a surprise," Chris tweeted.

There really aren’t too many ways to read that, are there?

Chris Lopez Smiles

It’s a common question that many people ask, usually people who are about to propose and need some advice.

So is that Chris? Is he sincerely asking this question? And if he is, is he talking about proposing to Kailyn, or does he have some other girl he’s seeing?

He could just be curious about how that process works, or he could also just be trolling.

It is kind of concerning that they both made posts about getting engaged so close together. They’d be better off if they didn’t even have to talk to each other, a marriage would obviously be a terrible idea.

Do you think a Lowry-Lopez wedding could be happening soon?