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We all know that family vacations can be soul-crushingly dull experiences, but when it premiered back in 2018, Jersey Shore Family Vacation promised a different type of experience.

After all, this wasn’t just any old family — this was the band of housemates who created some of reality TV’s most memorable moments during the show’s original run!

Surely, a family vacation featuring Snooki and The Situation would be a much more lively affair than your annual slog to the coast … right?

Well, if the show’s ratings and the response on social media are any indication — maybe not.

The Jersey Shore Cast In Las Vegas

JSFV started out with a bang, and no doubt MTV execs were having flashbacks to the guido gang’s glory days.

Unfortunately, nostalgia only keeps people tuning in for so long, and some fans have been open about the fact that the show lacks the pizazz that once made it an overnight sensation.

The ratings, which have been steadily declining since the show’s first season, seem to reflect a growing indifference toward the so-called Jersey Bore.

Jersey Shore Cast 2020

But at the end of the day, MTV is desperate for original content these days.

(Outside of Shore, the network’s programming schedule pretty much consists of various versions of Teen Mom and 23-hour blocks of Ridiculousness.)

So despite the fact that Shore hasn’t been performing the way that the MTV had hoped, it seems the show will be back for at least one more season.

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and wife Lauren Comeau confirmed the news on their podcast this week.

Obviously that’s good news for the Sitch family, especially since Mike and Lauren just welcomed their first child in May.

And it means that the show will be around at least into 2023.

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Technically, JSFV has only been renewed for the first half of its fourth season.

It might seem like the show has been around longer then three seasons, but MTV employs a clever contractual loophole to avoid giving out too many raises.

Usually, reality stars get a salary bump for each new season.

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But MTV has gotten around that unwritten rule by dividing shooting sessions into "A" and "B".

So JSFV Season 3B is the one that’s currently filming and will air sometime in 2022.

As far as we can tell, the entire cast came back for that one, and in all likelihood, they’ll be vacationing together for Season 4A, as well.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with Black Eye

It was initially rumored that Ronnie Magro had been fired from Shore, which would make sense — what with his multiple arrests on domestic violence charges.

Now, however, it appears that Magro was telling the truth when he said he planned to take some time away to "work on his mental health" before returning to set. 

So there you have it — if Jersey Shore has been boring you to tears in recent weeks but you feel guilty wiping it from your DVR because of all the entertainment the cast has provided you over the years, you can now delete guilt-free, so as not to support further Ron-anigans.