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Double evictions in the Big Brother house are typically filled with high drama, but there was one question on the minds of Big Brother fans everywhere:

Would the Cookout make it final six and become the most successful six-person alliance in the history of the series?

At the top of the episode, Claire was on the block against Xavier, having been put there by her BFF, Tiffany.

The Cookout on Big Brother 23

In one of the wildest moments of the season, Alyssa confirmed she had a bad read on the house, revealing to viewers that she thought Claire’s exit would blindside tiffany.

Alyssa then talked about the final seven being all minorities if Claire got the boot, and she even asked Derek and Azah if she would be the next person voted out of the house.

They laughed and said she had it wrong, but in the Diary Room, they both uttered the following:

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At the first eviction of the night, Claire made sure to tell everyone that Xavier was a strong competitor on the block and that she would probably vote for him to win the money in the end.

It wasn’t a bad plan. Xavier is playing a relatively flawless game, and Claire wants Tiffany or Hannah to win the season.

Unfortunately, Claire’s fate was sealed, and Hannah was the sole vote to save her.

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It was all too much for Claire, who exited the house without hugging anyone, instead telling them that she would hug them all on finale night.

The studio was not ready for Claire and was still setting up the chairs. Claire understood the reason for the Cookout, but she was obviously struggling with the fact that her best friend had sacrificed her game.

The HOH competition found the houseguests looking at a series of phrases from comic books and answering questions.

Hannah emerged with the win and quickly started scheming. She told everyone X was the target, but she was putting Alyssa up as a pawn to stop her voting from keeping him.

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In reality, the plan was to take Alyssa out, but Hannah didn’t want to tell her that.

In the end, Xavier won the Veto, sealing the fate of Alyssa. Hannah put Kyland up in X’s place, and Alyssa was swiftly sent out the door.

All of the above meant the Cookout’s mission to become the final six worked, and a minority will win Big Brother Season 23.

The Cookout is one of the best alliances because they had a plan from the beginning and managed to accomplish their goal.

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Now, the true game begins because these people in an alliance all season now have to win competitions and get each other out of the house.

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c, but be prepared because another double eviction is coming next Thursday!