Amelia Hamlin: I Don't Miss Scott But I DO Miss His Kids!

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We have all had a week or so to celebrate Amelia Hamlin dumping Scott Disick.

He keeps wasting the time of teenage girls who are half his age. This creepy behavior, like Scott, is getting old.

According to reports, Amelia was so done with his nonsense even before Scott's bitter DMs were leaked.

But there's just one thing that she misses about her manchild ex: his kids.

Amelia Hamlin Looks Like Khloe Kardashian

An inside source opened up to Life & Style about how Amelia Hamlin is adjusting to the breakup.

According to the insider, she does sometimes feel "nostalgic" about the relationship, which spanned nearly a year.

The two did have "fun times" and enjoyed "amazing trips" together, the source acknowledged.

Amelia Gray Photo

But looking fondly upon the past is not the same thing as feeling regret for leaving it behind.

The insider shared that Amelia "has been doing well" with the split.

Additionally, the source added that she has been "staying strong" rather than chasing any urges to go running back to him.

Amelia Hamlin Turns 20

The insider confirmed that Amelia "still believes" that she made the correct choice.

Dumping scott "was the right thing to do," the source explains of her perspective.

"And," the insider added, Amelia "has no regrets."

Amelia Hamlin With Scott

That said, the source admitted that Amelia "does miss" Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

One of the things -- be it a benefit or a drawback -- about dating a DILF is that they come with kids included.

In this case, it was a benefit, as the insider affirmed that "she developed a close bond with [them]."

Amelia Hamlin is Here to Pick You Up

These days, Amelia is living the single life as a ridiculously beautiful 20-year-old model.

According to the source, she is currently "focusing on the positive."

That includes "her booming career and hanging out with friends."

Scott With Amelia

Recently, Amelia's world has been tied up with New York Fashion Week.

According to the insider, this has served as a "good distraction" amidst the breakup.

Throwing yourself into your work is a classic way to deal with life changes, though it's only a bandaid.

Amelia Hamlin In Leopard Print

But just because Amelia is handling this split with maturity and grace doesn't mean that everyone is.

We are referring, of course, to her ex.

Scott Disick didn't see this coming ... and he's reportedly not taking it well.

Scott and Amelia on Valentine's Day

A separate inside source shared that Scott is currently "heartbroken" after being dumped.

Apparently, Scott "wasn't expecting" Amelia to "dump him."

The insider reported that Scott is "desperately trying to win her back."

Amelia Hamlin Is Almost Naked

Reports have said that Amelia was already headed to splitsville in her heart before Scott's DMs were leaked.

The source confirmed that the romance "had been a little bumpy over recent months."

The insider added, however, that Scott's childish message to Younes Bendjima "is the straw that broke the camel's back."

Amelia Hamlin Single

Yet another source of course acknowledged that Amelia “wasn’t happy about the DM leak."

According to the insider, "She questions whether Scott still has feelings for Kourtney."

"And," that source emphasized, Amelia "doesn’t like the idea of being dragged into their feud.” Who does?

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