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After nearly a year, Amelia Hamlin dumped Scott Disick amidst his public humiliation at the hands of Younes Bendjima.

Now, it has been reported that Amelia dumped Scott for reasons unrelated to his bitter DMs.

Whatever the cause or causes, it’s over, and he’s presumably on the lookout for his next teenage girlfriend.

Meanwhile, it looks like Amelia’s famous mother is in a celebratory mood.

Photo via Bravo

Lisa Rinna has an extra skip in her step these days.

The Bravo MILF isn’t afraid to show her good spirits amidst her daughter’s breakup.

She even left a comment under a report about Amelia having dumped Scott.

The emoji, captured here in this screenshot, looks downright smug and is blushing with satisfaction.

If the warm-and-fuzzies were a face, this would be it.

You love to see it. At least, Lisa clearly does.

Amelia Celebrates Scott's Birthday

Lisa wants to see more than just this breakup, however.

She wants to see Amelia hook up with a slightly (by eleven years) more age-appropriate hottie.

The proud mother wants her daughter to be paired up with the almost universally desired Harry Styles.

Lisa isn’t just keeping this desire about the One Direction alum quiet, either.

She actively trying to manifest it on Instagram.

Seriously, she posted his photo without comment … until you look at the comments.

Amelia Hamlin Looks Like Khloe Kardashian

"Manifestation works," commented one friend who clearly supports Lisa’s dream.

"It does," Lisa replied with a heart eyes emoji.

Her castmate, Kyle Richards, was openly cracking up in the comments.

Photo via Getty

Now, some reports have said that Amelia’s dumping of Scott was unrelated to his recent humiliation.

As we are all vividly aware, Younes exposed Scott’s bitter, childish DMs to him.

Scott was trying to make fun of their mutual ex, Kourtney Kardashian, as she packed on PDA with Travis Barker.

Amelia Hamlin Slowly Puts on a Sweater

Instead, Younes shut him down, and shared screenshots of Scott’s clownery with the world.

The backlash and well-deserved mockery was immediate.

And it just so happens that, well, Amelia chose this time in their relationship to ditch her nearly-twice-her-age boyfriend.

Photo via Instagram

Whatever her reasons, good for her.

Lisa had been beside herself with discomfort over Amelia’s relationship.

On on the one hand, she’s an adult. On the other hand, the guy’s almost forty and has three kids.

Amelia Hamlin in a Mango Yoga Outfit

Reportedly, Amelia’s friends in the modeling world had cautioned her against this relationship.

They had warned her to not fall for Scott’s "I’m just a manchild who needs to bone teens to feel alive" act.

And who would know better than a bunch of young, hot models what a horny old creep Scott can be?

Photo via Instagram

We’re not saying that he’s boned all of them, despite his best efforts.

We’re just saying that he has been run through — notably, several years ago in Cannes.

Word gets around. Presumably, Amelia’s model friends are celebrating just like Lisa is.

Amelia Hamlin Snaps a Bed Selfie

Scott is said to feel blindsided and may even be desperately trying to get her back.

It might work.

Even though he was old enough to vote when she was born and she’s so hot that she can kill people with looks alone.

Amelia Hamlin In Leopard Print

Hopefully, Amelia can tie herself up with a good rebound.

She may have wasted nearly a year of her young life earning girl scout badges by helping Scott cross the street, but she got her name in plenty of headlines.

Let’s hope that this experience propels her on to bigger and better things. Including, but not limited to, Harry Styles.