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Changes are coming to the Sister Wives family.

The only question now is as follows:

Just how significant will these changes be?

And could they lead to the end of one of Kody Brown’s marriage?

Ysabel Brown on Instagram

Just a week after Kody’s third wife, Christine, put her Arizona house on the market… the couple’s daughter, Ysabel, has announced that she’s high-tailing it across the country and moving to North Carolina.

The 18-year old broke this gigantic piece of news on Thursday, confirming plans to move in with half-sister Maddie Brush.

“So excited to start my new life in a beautiful place with a beautiful family,” Ysabel captioned a photo of herself with Madison’s daughter on Instagram.

The teenager didn’t provide many other details.

Ysabel and Her Mom
Photo via Instagram

Maddie celebrated the addition to her home as follows, however, writing on her own account:

“Added another Brown to our East Coast tribe! YSABEL IS MOVING IN!!”

“It’s going to be epic!” added Janelle Brown, while Ysabel’s brother, Paedon, chimed in with:

"All the best luck to you Isabell, miss you so much."

Christine Brown and Daughter Ysabel
Photo via Facebook

Ysabel also made headlines last summer by getting surgery on her back.

She got the procedure done in New Jersey and was accompanied by mother Christine on the trip — but not by father Kody.

Sister Wives viewers took note of this parental snub.

Kody Brown, Angry Again

They also took note a few days ago when Christine put her Flagstaff home up for sale.

Neither Christine nor Kody has commented on this unexpected decision, prompting a great deal of speculation from observers across the Internet.

Might Christine be relocating back to her native state of Utah?

Or, armed with this new piece of information regarding Ysabel, might she follow her daughter to North Carolina?

Christine Brown on the Deck

Overall, there are a great deal of literal moving parts these days for the Browns.

Janelle was recently forced to move out of her rental and into an RV that is parked on the family’s parcel of land known as Coyote Pass.

She has since insisted that this decision was entirely hers, shooting down chatter that Kody gave this spouse no other option because he just has to little money to his name.

Christine Brown with Hubby

Meri, meanwhile?

A stunning new report alleges that she’s living full-time in Utah.

And that she has a boyfriend!

Meri Brown, All Smiles

“She’s trying to at least build a friendship with Kody for the sake of the reality show,” a source told Life & Style this month, claiming future episodes of Sister Wives will NOT feature the couple living as spouses.

“You’re not going to see them faking it for the cameras anymore."

And here’s the real bombshell from Life & Style, too:

Meri is apparently dating someone!!!!!

Meri in the Summer

“He’s very blue-collar. He’s not a fame seeker.

"He’s a nice person, which is what Meri needs,” the mole alleged to this outlet, adding:

“Her new man is a close friend of one of her sisters’ husbands.”

Amazing if true, right?!?