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We have an update on RV-Gate.

Late last month, Janelle Brown made the seemingly surprising decision to move into a trailer.

She did so because the home she had been renting in Flagstaff was sold to an owner who wanted to live there full-time.

With all due respect to people who reside in mobile vehicles, many observers were taken aback by Brown’s decision because the general assumption is that a reality star can afford a larger place to call home.

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown

The thing is, money problems have plagued the Browns for years.

This is no secret. It was the driving narrative of nearly all Sister Wives episodes in 2020.

As a result, viewers of this TLC program immediately assumed that Kody indirectly forced Janelle to move into this RV, which, to be clear, is pretty darn nice by RV standards.

How so? Because he’s been so irresponsible with his money that Kody isn’t able to afford anything better for his spouse.

Janelle Brown Car Selfie

Janelle quickly clapped back against these assumptions, however.

“It was a choice not a have to," she told followers who wanted to blame Kody for this sister wife’s living accomodations.

And now Brown has elaborated on how she ended up in a trailer — which appears to be parked on Coyote Pass, the large parcel of land Kody purchased in 2018 and thus far has failed to build anything on.

Janelle Brown Poster

“I am a little disturbed that your ‘husband’ would just sit there and let you live like that," wrote a concerned stranger to Janelle this week.

"I realize that you chose to do things this way but there is no way in hell I would let things get to the point where my wife would have to live out of a camper.

"You are strong I am sure and will make it through just fine.

"But you shouldn’t have to live like that with such a ‘close family.’”

This, of course, is condescending AF.

Hence why Janelle bristled at the suggestion that she isn’t in control of her own life.

“Where’s all your other wives?” this same individual asked Janelle.

“Spent all these years on TV fighting and preaching how your lifestyle was so great and full of love, but you have to know we can tell y’all dislike each other.

"Now, you are basically homeless.”

Photo via TLC

Harsh, huh?

Take it to her, Janelle!

“My husband didn’t do anything. I chose this,” the TV personality replied in the comments section, noting that she is enjoying her unconventional experience.

“I’m shocked that you think I’m some sort of meek, mild person that can be told to do anything that I don’t agree to.

"I’m sorry you are so short-sighted and want to make rude comments from behind your keyboard."

Janelle Brown: A Selfie

Can’t blame Janelle for getting so worked up over some rando on social media casting this kind of judgment, can you?

It’s also worth mentioning that Janelle just went on a date with Kody, so it’s clear there’s no bad blood between the spiritual husband and wife.

Not that this should get Kody totally off the hook.

The guy himself has admitted that he sort of hates polygamy now and may have made some mistakes by roping four women into his universe.

Photo via Instagram

We hope Janelle know it isn’t too late to get the heck out of there.

Seriously, girl.