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If you think that Wendy Williams is messy when she says whatever she wants on TV, you should look at her personal life.

To say that she has had her ups and downs is an understatement.

Now, Wendy appears to have found and unveiled a brand new boyfriend.

But her announcement post about the mystery man was just … deeply weird. Take a look:

Wendy Williams Unveils Mystery Boyfriend

Apparently the venue for unveiling Wendy Williams’ new boyfriend was a birthday tribute post for her son.

"My son’s 21st birthday party on the yacht in #Miami was everything he wanted!" her caption began.

Alongisde the photo of her and an unidentified man, Wendy then added: "Even my boyfriend."

Wendy Williams on Zoom
Photo via YouTube

When we refer to her mystery man as unidentified, we don’t simply mean that she didn’t tag or name him in the post.

We mean that no one, as far as we can tell, has any clue who he is.

That means that TMZ and People don’t know who he is. And if we here at THG knew, we’d tell you.

Wendy Williams in 2019

The unnamed and unrecognized man appears to be a white dude between the ages of, what, 50 and 65?

And that is a rough estimate at best.

Wendy is a 57-year-old media powerhouse and a celebrity in her own right. We only know one side of this romance so far.

Wendy Williams on a Set
Photo via Wendy Williams

Obviously, congratulations poured in, from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

From Tamar Braxton to fellow Housewives, her comments section was praising Wendy for finding her happiness.

Her 21-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., also received his fair share of indirect birthday wishes.

Others were just … extremely curious and littered her comments with questions.

Some demanded immediate answers about who this mystery man might be.

Others just expressed how much they look forward to her returning to TV in the hopes that she will reveal everything then and there.

Wendy Williams on Her Show
Photo via Wendy Williams

There were also some comments that highlighted the bizarre decision behind the post.

Wendy’s caption was a twofer — a birthday tribute to her son and her boyfriend reveal.

She didn’t post a photo featuring her son. For the record, she could have made two posts.

That said, it’s also possible — as some commenters have pointed out across social media — that this was by request.

Most 21-year-olds do not get yacht parties, obviously.

However, whether their party is in an apartment living room or on a megayacht, few 21-year-olds want their moms posting their birthday pics on that milestone birthday.

Wendy was married to her son’s father, Kevin Hunter, from 1999 until January of 2020.

As we have covered over the past few years, Wendy’s marriage went into rapid decline.

Things became ugly, due to cheating and also because her now ex worked on her show.

Wendy Williams on WWHL september 2019

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Wendy was dating a contractor who lives and works out of Maryland.

Though they were photographed together, they never confirmed that they were dating — and Wendy shot down the claim when it was made.

Like the flurry of commenters, we look forward to learning more about Wendy’s new mystery man.