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You can take the guy off of your TV show.

But you can’t prevent the guy from going off on you.

When it comes to her troubled ex-boyfriend and the father of her oldest child, Maci Bookout just learned this lesson the hard way.

ryan vs. maci

Speaking to The Sun this week in his home state of Tennessee, Ryan Edwards once again blasted the Teen Mom OG star, allegedly that Maci is using all of her powers to stop him from spending time with his son.

“We haven’t seen Bentley for over a month," Ryan told this outlet, referring to the 12-year old’s lack of contact with himself, his wife, Mackenzie, and Ryan’s parents.

“I haven’t seen him, my mom and dad haven’t seen him, nobody has seen him," added Edwards.

“I did go to therapy with Bentley, Maci has kind of put a halt on everything after my dad and Taylor had that argument."

Ah, yes. That argument.

Ryan is citing a heated argument here between his father, Larry, and Maci’s husband, Taylor McKinney, on last season’s Teen Mom reunion special.

McKinney and Larry screamed at each other on stage at this February taping and, at one point, even lunged toward each other, prompting viewers to think a fight was on the verge of breaking out.

Ryan and Mackenzie, it should be noted, were not present at the time because they refused to be near Maci and Taylor.

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Together

A bulk of last season centered on an intense feud between Ryan’s family and Maci, with the former believing the latter was keeping Bentley all to herself.

One major point of contention was a birthday party Ryan and Mackenzie hosted for their own son… which Bentley did not attend.

The Edwards clan thought that Maci ordered the 12-year old to stay home.

Conversely, Maci has argued for awhile now that Benley — aware of his dad’s past drug used and run-ins with the law — simply doesn’t want to see his father very often.

Just a couple weeks ago, Maci basically came right out and said Ryan is a deadbeat dad who never makes any effort to even check on Bentley.

“I don’t speak at all with Maci. I miss Bentley for sure," Edwards continued to The Sun.

Asked if he thinks Bookout has “poisoned” Bentley against him, Ryan replied:

“A little bit, it feels like it. It hurts and it’s painful, for sure.”

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?

Edwards has entered rehab on multiple occasions and now says he’s been sober for awhile. We very much hope this is true.

Speaking this past April to The Sun, he claimed to have collected information “on video and pictures” which, if presented to a judge, would result in Maci losing custody of her child.

To what could he possibly have been referring here?

We cannot say.

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021

Might Ryan go to court with this supposed evidence against Bookout, though?

“We’re going to do something, we’re waiting to see what happens," he said to The Sun.

Back in February, Mackenzie and Ryan lashed out at Maci after the whole birthday party snub incident.

"I am responsible for these kids’ emotions and feelings, and they don’t deserve that," Mackenzie said back then.

"It’s one thing to be a petty b**ch, fine, but when you’re including my kids, that’s not okay with me."

Ryan Edwars and Mack Standifer

Maci then fired back as follows:

"I’d rather be a petty b***h than a stupid one. #allday.”

This feud has made for terrific content, but let’s face it:

There’s a 12-year old at the center of the rivalry. We feel awful for him.

Following the aforementioned outburst at the reunion, Maci apparently went to producer and got Ryan’s family fired from Teen Mom. They won’t appear again on the series.

“Ryan and Mackenzie, as well as Jen and Larry, were all on a call with production on Tuesday," a source tells told The Ashley in March.

“The Edwards were informed that Maci’s reps wanted to go a different direction and showcase all of her abilities."

The couple has since confirmed that they’re been let go.