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Ronnie Magro has experienced quite a few ups and downs in recent years.

He welcomed his first child, but then the girl’s mother dragged Ronnie with her car.

More recently, he got engaged to Saffire Matos … just weeks after he was arrested on domestic violence charges following an altercation with his bride to be.

And while he managed to avoid serving time that incident seems to resulted in another misfortune in the hectic life of Mr. Magro:

Ronnie Magro Is Upset

It now appears that Ronnie may have been fired from Jersey Shore.

While no official announcement has been made, most of the cast is currently filming a new season, and insiders say Magro has not yet been seen on set.

Since the absence wasn’t accompanied by an official statement from Ronnie about his plans to leave the show permanently, it was widely assumed that producers decided to kick him to the curb as a result of his multiple domestic assault allegations.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with Black Eye

But now, Ronnie says that’s not the case.

TMZ caught up with aggro Magro over the weekend, and the Shore veteran delivered some surprising comments about his future with the show.

“I feel great,” Ronnie told the site, as reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Saffire Matos Together

“I’m four months sober, quit drinking….I haven’t drank in four months. I got engaged, I’m a full-time father, living a good life," he continued.

“I stepped away [from the show] to deal with my mental health and be a father to my child, be a fiance to my woman but I’ll be back.”

Well, good.

Saffire Matos and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Together

The fathering and fiance-ing is done, and now it’s time to get back to the important work of sitting around a hotel room and coming up with new Covid-related catchphrases.

Ronnie sounds certain that he’ll be rejoining the show at some point this season, but we’re not so sure.

Can the series afford to take on that sort of baggage this far along in its run?

Ronnie Photo

Ratings for the Shore reboot have held up surprisingly well — especially since, if Twitter is any indication, most of the viewers tune in to to hate-watch and roast the show for how boring it’s become.

But while the numbers for Jersey Shore Family Vacation have endured, the franchise is certainly not the ratings juggernaut it once was.

And the original Shore — which was considerably more un-PC than this iteration — gained its massive audience in a very different climate.

Ronnie on Air

In other words, times have changed, and producers might feel that they don’t have a place for a controversial figure like Magro anymore.

Ron deserves to be proud for putting the Ron-Ron juice down and getting sober, but there’s no changing the erratic and possibly abusive behavior that he’s demonstrated many times in the past.

Even before he was accused of abuse by two different women — Matos has since gone back on her story — Magro’s relationship with members of the opposite sex seemed to be deeply problematic.

Ronnie Magro-Ortiz on Zoom

Though she’s never explicitly stated this to be the case, it seems that Ron’s behavior is the reason that Sammi Giancola has not returned to Shore.

And we’re sure that knowing her ex is up to his old bad habits and still on TV every week is quite triggering to Sammi.

Obviously, the decision of how to handle this delicate situation will fall to MTV and Shore producers, but we hope that after working with the guy for so long, they can come to realize that the drama he brings to the set is not the kind that’s good for reality television.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro on the Shore

“All the fans love me and I love them too, so I’m gonna give them what they want. I’ll see them soon!” Magro told TMZ.

“I stay in contact with the [show] producers. We’re very close.”

Well, if they’re really his friends, they might want to tell Ronnie that what he needs right now is some time away from TV.