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Every aspect of the latest Josh Duggar scandal is absolutely nauseating.

We’re used to being disgusted by this predator who’s been grossing us out for years, and yet somehow, every time a revolting new detail emerges we’re once again shocked by the level of depravity.

It appears that we never cease to be amazed by what he’s capable of – allegedly. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But man, these leaks from the government’s case are bad.

Josh Duggar Throwback

The latest revelation has to do with Josh’s efforts to hide his true identity under the facade of the happy family man identity that he displayed to friends and co-workers.

And it seems he was willing to go to the most disgusting lengths in order to keep his true self hidden from the world.

Josh, Anna, and Family
Photo via Instagram

As you may recall, Josh stored his graphic photos not at home, but on the computer he used in his office at the car dealership he "owns."

(Josh was so poor in the years leading up to his arrest that he was forced to live in a windowless shack on his parents’ property. So it seems more likely that his father was the actual owner of the dealership, and Josh was just a glorified manager.)

Josh Duggar Close Up
Photo via Instagram

Back in November, when agents from the Department of Homeland Security raided Josh’s office, they found a desktop computer just like any other.

He had even used as a screensaver a photo of his wife and six children.

(Anna Duggar is currently pregnant with the couple’s seventh child. She’s expected to give birth before Josh’s trial begins in November.)

As both sides prepare for trial, we’re learning more about the raid that led to Josh’s arrest.

And it seems federal agents believe he used his work computer in part to support his claim that someone else had downloaded the explicit images to his computer.

The wholesome screen saver, they believe, may have been Josh’s way of throwing them off his trail.

Josh Duggar at Church

Needless to say, it didn’t work.

Last month, Josh’s legal team filed a motion to compel, which forced prosecutors to disclose the evidence they had assembled against Josh.

This included “an undated screen shot” from his computer and “all law enforcement reports and related discovery prepared by the Little Rock Police Department.”

Duggars Celebrate Christmas
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One of those reports revealed exactly how the raid on Josh’s place of business began.

"Agents encountered the defendant and two other men standing outside on the car lot," reads a police document describing the raid.

The report continues:

Josh Duggar on Election Day
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"Inside the small building on the lot, which operated as the business’s main office, law enforcement located an HP Desktop Computer with an image of the defendant and his family on its screen."

Not surprising, we suppose. But no less distrubing.

The most damning reveal of all from the report:

Josh and Anna Anniversary Photo
Photo via Instagram

"A subsequent forensic examination of that device and other devices seized from the defendant and the car lot pursuant to the warrant uncovered evidence demonstrating that the defendant used the HP Desktop to download from the internet and, subsequently, possess multiple files depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct."

So yes, it appears that Josh may have used a photo of his wife and kids to allay suspicion and digitally "bury" the graphic images.

Photo via TLC

Even if that wasn’t the goal, to the point that he thought it through to that degree, we now know this much, and it’s an image that’s hard to get out of your head.

Josh Duggar sat down to a picture of his loving family before downloading and exchanging graphic photos depicting children as young as 18 months old.

Josh, Anna Duggar Birthday Party

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it aways does with this guy.