Mady Gosselin: Yes, I Receive Death Threats! (Because My Parents Suck)

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While her parents constantly fight with each other -- over and over and then over again -- Mady Gosselin came out this week and confirmed a horrifying truth:

There are people on the Internet who don't merely want to fight with her.

They want to see her dead.

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The 20-year old college student has been more active than usual on TikTok of late, recently starring a remark about herself from a stranger that read:

“This girl is so annoying, it’s a shame she is so BEAUTIFUL.”

Gross and disturbing, right?

But Gosselin didn't seem especially perturbed by the message.

Mady Gosselin: A Selfie

Instead, the Kate Plus 8 alum asked, “… so, you think I’m pretty?” and then quipped in the caption: “Are we about to kiss?”

Followers were quick to defend Mady in the comments section, with one user writing:

“Why tf do so many ppl bully y’all? Like all y’all do is breathe and then get death threats. Like huh?!”

And this is where Mady responded “say it louder," seemingly announcing that she often receives actual death threats online.

Mady Gosselin at College

Mady stopped short of blaming her parents for the awful behavior of these social media trolls, but come on now.

We all know the reason why Mady is famous and why she and her family members have so many critics.

Despite getting divorced way back in 2009, Kate and Jon Gosselin haven't stopped feuding.

Like, like, EVER.

Jon Gosselin on Television

Things got especially ugly last year after Kate accused Jon of assaulting son Collin and child protective services were even brought in to investigate an incident between the loved ones.

No charges were ever filed.

Jon later explained that he had to restrain the teenager after Collin had a breakdown, never intending to injure him in any way.

He then tried to turn the tables on Kate by saying she never talks to this son.

Jon Gosselin: A Selfie

It's been a huge, gigantic mess for over a decade now.

Thankfully, Mady is off in college and away from most of the drama.

But she's clearly been affected by it.

Kate Gosselin TLC Photo

Her death threat confirmation, for example, came around the same time the former TLC star appeared to shade her out-of-the-ordinary upbringing.

“How I sleep knowing that I can’t relate to this lyric because I had an extremely unconventional childhood AND I have ADHD,” Mady recently captioned a TikTok clip.

She was referring to a line from Olivia Rodrigo‘s song, “Enough for You,” in which the singer belts out the lyrics:

“And maybe I’m just not as interesting/As the girls you had before.”

Mady Gosselin on TikTok

In June, Jon expressed his hope that the six kids who don't speak to him (which includes Mady) would come around and reunite with their dad for Father's Day.

“I always have hope,” Jon told Hollywood Life of twins Cara and Mady and sextuplets Alexis, Aaden, Leah and Joel.

The father of eight has full custody of daughter Hannah and her brother Collin.

“I hope one day maybe they just knock on my door or maybe drop me a line or text me. Something like that," he added at the time.

Jon Gosselin in St. Croix

Alas, Jon really should not hold his breath for any such encounter to occur.

According to an In Touch Weekly source, Mady has been “trying to stay out” of the turmoil surrounding her relatives, as she aims to make school “her priority” at this time.

“Mady keeps her distance from her dad," reports this tabloid.

"She loves Jon because he’s her dad, but she supports her mom one hundred percent.

"She’s in school and moving forward. Mady loves her dysfunctional family no matter what.

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