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With the possible exception of Deena Nicole Cortese, every lady in the Jersey Shore family has had some work done.

There’s certainly no shame in that, of course.

The desire to want to tweak your appearance is perfectly understandable, especially when your looks are critiqued by millions of viewers each week.

Most of the women on Shore have been perfectly candid about their procedures, but it seems that the same cannot be said of Angelina Pivarnick.

Photo via Instagram

To be fair, Angelina has been forthcoming about receiving breast and butt implants.

However, she claims those are the only procedures she’s undergone, and fans simply are not buying it.

In a video that appeared on Instagram Live this week, Angelina took a break from filming Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 5 in order to give a shout-out to a close friend.

Angelina Got a Nose Job

Pivarnick began by explaining that she "had all filmed all day" — but it wasn’t her tired eyes that fans were focused on.

"I’m shot but I wanted to take the time out to say Happy Birthday to my bestie!!!" she told the camera.

"I love you so much. Sooo thankful for u and your friendship."

Photo via Instagram

Now, we try not to speculate too much with regard to exactly what procedures a given celeb has shelled out for.

Sometimes a different angle or a little contouring can give the false impression that a person has undergone plastic surgery.

But in the case of Angelina — it’s pretty save to say that she’s had her nose reduced in size by about half.

And it looks as though the procedure took place recently.

She would have had plenty of time to go under the knife and recover between filming for seasons four and five, and many fans of the show believe that’s exactly what she did with her down time.

"She was cute before. She looks like a muppet now. Too many exaggerated features," one person wrote in one of the many of the Reddit threads about Angelina’s ever-changing appearance.

Angelina Pivarnick Post-Plastic Surgery

"She took the ‘Kim Kardashian of Staten Island’ to heart," another joked.

"I think Angelina had a nose job. I think her face shape is too different for it to be just injections and fillers," a third chimed in.

"If you did a side by side of her OG face and her face today, you would see it. Very obvious."

Photo via Instagram

But not all of the responses to Angelina’s new look have been critical.

"Whatever she did she looks completely amazing compared to when she debuted on the show. Talk about a glow up. Wow!" one enthusiastic redditor wrote.

Angelina’s nose job — if such a thing occurred — appears to have happened very recently.

Photo via MTV

Pivarnick is generally pretty honest with her fans, so if she went under the knife over the past weeks, she’ll probably talk about it on Shore.

Of course, unlike the other cast members, whose popularity peaked years ago, Angelina is more famous than she’s ever been these days.

So it’s possible that with her newfound fame she’ll try to maintain more of a barrier between herself and the public.

And that means the army of Angelina stans might never get the answers they’re looking for!