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90 Day Fiance fans have been distrubed by Angela Deem’s cruel treatment of Michael Ilesanmi for years.

These viewers felt a glimmer of hope after Angela demanded a divorce during one of her many fits of rage.

But Angela’s longtime foe Usman Umar says that this divorce isn’t just a blessing for Michael, but further evidence of Angela’s true nature.

He says that Angela is the biggest scammer in 90 Day Fiance history.

Usmar Umar Listens with Patience

In the past, Angela has accused Usman of being a scammer. Now he is turning the tables.

"The Biggest Scammer on that 90 Day Fiance’s Show on TLC was not Lisa," he began a lengthy Instagram comment screenshotted by @that_mommy_says_bad_words.

Usman then accused: "but @deemangela," tagging Angela.

Angela Deem berates and insults Michael

"Michael show the world that he need nothing from her than bringing him to US," Usman wrote.

"If really she loves him she would have done that by now," he then accused.

"But," Usman continued, "she refused."

90 Day Fiance Before: Usman She Is 70% Good

"All she does was to come to Africa record the show with him," Usman described.

"And," he added, "go back to US to enjoy the benefit alone."

You can see that full comment here, in this screenshot.

"And don’t forget she stop him from using Social Media Apps," Usman noted.

"(Michael has No Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Snapchat)," he wrote.

"The only app he uses is Whatsap just to communicate with her," Usman detailed.

Angela Deem blames her husband; is smoking a pack a day

"This is the reason why she hate me," Usman theorized.

He wrote that Angela despises him "[because] I can never be use like that."

Publicly, Angela has always maintained that she resents Usman because he is a scammer, and thus makes her marriage look bad.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Married to Usman Umar

"And any woman that try that s–t I will cut her up just the way I cut the last one," Usman wrote alarmingly.

Don’t worry — he definitely meant to say "cut off."

He and his racial slur-slinging ex, "Baby Girl" Lisa Hamme, are thoroughly broken up. Lisa has even remarried.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Marries Usman Umar

"I know that woman is just using my African Brother Michael," Usman accused.

Adding a financial motive, he noted that "they do cameos together on her profile."

Usman then alleged that "she used the money for her nonsense surgery."

Angela Deem screams obscenities at her husband over the phone

"She got merchandise and ask him to advertise for her," Usman wrote.

"Now she wana leave him," he observed.

Usman noted that this is only "after using him for all these years."

90 Day Fiance Before: Usman But I'm Not Your Husband Yet

"Watch out and see the real story of love," Usman then teased.

"I can’t say nothing now," he added, alluding to some sort of future news … and implying a return to the franchise.

"But," Usman concluded, "I promise you will love what you gonna see about SOJABOY."

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar on Instagram

Now, many would say that Usman is a scammer himself and the last person who should be speaking on this topic.

In particular, people note that he may just be making a splash to promote more of his, uh, music.

And at least some of his facts as listed above are wrong. But that doesn’t mean that all of them are.

Angela Deem wants to cyberstalk her husband, is dicknosing

Angela Deem is a toxic, emotionally abusive, verbally abusive, controlling person.

She is deeply selfish and a growing number of fans are alarmed by how awful Angela is on screen and on social media.

Whatever we may think of Usman’s motives in the past or present, he is making some points, here.