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Nicole Nafziger took the "new year, new me" philosophy to heart at the start of 2021.

At that time, she subtly signaled that her engagement to Azan Tefou was over.

That news was long-anticipated by 90 Day Fiance fans — her critics and her supporters alike.

Now, six months after that subtle signal, Nicole is confirming the big news — and explaining the split.

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To the amusement (and some bewilderment) of fans, Nicole Nafziger teased her announcement.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Monday, July 12, Nicole promised "huge news" later that day.

In the past, people have criticized Nicole for clickbait, but this was the real deal.

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Sure enough, she took to her Instagram Stories to share the news.

"I am heartbroken to confirm Azan and I are done for good," Nicole wrote.

She included a link to her full statement.

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Nicole shared a link to Celebuzz, which only sounds like a celery-based Pokemon with saws for arms, for her full statement.

"Azan and I have decided to go our separate ways," Nicole then officially confirmed.

She affirmed that, throughout their relationship, "We had much love and respect for each other."

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"But," Nicole freely acknowledged, "we weren’t without our faults."

She expressed her regret that "unfortunately we can no longer continue our journey together."

"This may be a shock to many," Nicole recognized.

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It could be a surprise "because we stayed strong for so long through it all."

"But as we move forward and heal, we ask that you respect both parties," Nicole requested.

"And," she added with a pleading tone, "not constantly ask about it."

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In other words, she is asking for fans to chill TF out and respect her privacy and boundaries at this time.

"Thank you to everyone who has supported us together," Nicole expressed.

"And," she concluded, thanks to those who "continue to support of as separate individuals."

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Nicole’s announcement comes a full half a year after she amended her Instagram profile.

For the longest time, she had "engaged to H" in her bio.

H of course stood for Hassan M’Raouni, Azan’s real name.

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Suddenly, with the dawn of 2021, Nicole’s profile was singing a different tune.

There was no longer any mention of Azan, only a promotion of her new Twitch streaming gig.

And she has not exactly been gushing over or writing love letters to Azan in posts, either.

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In 2020, Nicole’s two-week vacation to Morocco turned into a five month stay.

She had the bad luck of her long-scheduled trip beginning immediately before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

After five long months in Morocco, she was able to return home to her family.

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But even after spending so much time with Azan, she wasn’t married to him.

Fans who had wanted them to break up from the beginning hoped that this was the beginning of the end.

After all, Azan’s comments on Nicole and her body had been unfathomably rude. No one deserves that.

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There was also a prevalent belief that Azan was scamming Nicole, possibly for money.

Some of this was rooted in some inexcusable body-shaming directed at Nicole.

But some of it was based upon Azan’s behavior, and some apparent lies that he seemed to have told Nicole.

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Some fans were cruel, even while claiming to express concerns to Nicole.

Others just stayed quiet and hoped that Nicole would move on to an easier relationship that can make her truly happy.

We wish Nicole the very best of luck on all of her new ventures!