Meri Brown Leaves Arizona, Says She's Very "Nervous and Anxious"

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Meri Brown is outta there, folks.

Out of her marriage?

Following many months' worth of Sister Wives fans begging this long-time cast member to leave her awful husband, who has admittedly stopping caring about her and/or stopping trying to make their relationship work?

Not quit.

Meri in the Summer

But Meri Brown did just leave Arizona.

Last Wednesday, Brownn uploaded the above photo and then delved into her upcoming activities via a lengthy caption that opened as follows:

"Well, here we go again! Other than back and forth to my B&B, I haven't traveled in almost a year and a half. I don't know what to do or how to feel."

Due to the way she's been treated by Kody Brown for about two years now, many followers were hoping Meri had finally decided to leave her seemingly unhealthy romance.

Meri Brown is Brave

Alas, that isn't the case at all.

"Listen, I'm well aware that covid is a super polarizing conversation, not one that I'm interested in engaging in," Meri continued, who traveled late last week amid an outbreak of the Coronavirus' Delta Variant.

"All I'm saying is, I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm anxious, I'm looking forward to seeing my people, you know, all the feels and all the emotions."

Based on follow-up Instagram posts, it looks as if Meri attended some kind of LuLaRoe expo in Disneyworld.

Meri Brown Has Pride

Meri has worked for LuLaRoe for years.

As a spokesperson and saleswoman for the clothing brand, she proobably makes more money than anyone in her family.

Moreover, the people Brown has met through this company feel like a family to her.

Meri Brown Madeover

"Am I excited to see them? Yes! Do I want to hug them? Yes! Am I going to? Probably, and am I nervous about it? Yep!" added Meri in her post.

"I think I've been so out of touch with anything except virtual relationships with most anyone besides family for the past 16 months, I'm not sure how to feel."

We totally get it. Don't you?

Those who have rightfully taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, and those who spent over a year largely isolated from others, are finding it challenging to just get right back out there -- especially when large crowds are involved.

Meri and Kody Brown at her B&B

Brown, who reopened herr Utah bed and breakfast in early June, did not say whether or not she is vaccinated, but did not on her Instagram Story that she's trying to "live responsibly."

Concluded Meri:

It's exciting, and awkward, and I want to be safe, and make sure everyone around me is safe. So yes, I'll do all the things I can to be safe, and I'll also super enjoy the next few days.

So glad to be back at it, looking forward to a fabulous weekend with my #LuLaRoe family!

Meri Selfie

On Saturday, meanwhile, Meri appeared to reference the difficulties in her marriage.

No, she didn't mention Kody by name; nor did scream again about being manipulated.

But Brown did cite this "long-awaiting" gathering over the weekend and then added in personal fashion:

"So far, both yesterday and today, I'm hearing and learning about pain, and how it can shape me, and propel me to my purpose."

Meri Brown in Blue

Pain, huh?

"It's about leaning into the pain, focusing on who and what I'm fighting and living for, and finding that purpose.

"But more than that, being willing to be vulnerable enough to allow myself and my pain to be seen," wrote Meri.

"Because only then can I learn something, and maybe I can offer something to someone else who needs to see it."

Meri and Kody Brown Poster

This has been a constant theme for Meri for a long time now: Pain, suffering and how to evolve as a person in the wake of these feelings and emotions.

Again, we'd have to imagine this is related to where things stand with Kody.

Here is how Meri wrapped up her rundown of the event:

"Thank you @danelledelgado for reminding me that my pain is ok, is of value, is worth it, and that the purpose that comes from it will be freaking amazing!"

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