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With Xavier in power, there truly was no telling how it would play out.

He’s probably one of the nicest houseguests, so it seemed like he would have issues putting certain people on the block.

At the top of Sunday’s nomination episode, he made it abundantly clear that he had a plan.

Xavier Prather on Big Brother

Brent was the target, and it was another refreshing choice.

The jocks typically steamroll the game, and now we may be getting rid of the second this season.

Targeting Brent also meant that we would be saying goodbye to our third male houseguest.

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That’s right, no female has been a target, and that’s been a nice change of pace.

Xavier’s biggest flaw is being aligned with everyone in the house, but he was smart about not promising safety off the bat.

That dunked Frenchie’s game, so there had to be a way for him to bounce back should his plan blow up in his face.

Brent was none the wiser about being the target, either, which made it even more comical.

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Brent has been rubbing everyone in the house the wrong way, essentially declaring himself to be God’s gift to women.

Both Hannah and Alyssa were stunned by the way he spoke to them. He’s pretty nauseating, and the sooner he leaves, the better.

Before Xavier and much of the other houseguests could get their wish, there was the Wildcard competition.

Ultimately, Britini, Tiffany, and Derek X played. X said he would throw it to Tiffany, so they had to work together to eliminate Britini first.

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It was a tough mission, and Britini was visibly frustrated when she realized they were both targeting her.

Britini was eliminated, then Derek X, so that gave Tiffany the competition win.

The power?

To save a member of each of the other three teams. Knowing this could complicate the plan to get rid of Brent, Tiffany declined.

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In doing so, she showed her cards and proved she was working with Xavier because she also had to give up her own safety for the week.

Knowing something was up, Azah questioned Xavier about why Britini was targeted in the competition.

Xavier laid out his cards, telling her that Britini would have to go on the block with Brent.

Azah supported Britini last week when she was on the block and figured it would be too much for Britini to go up again.

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Azah then told Xavier to nominate her as the pawn if he didn’t want to nominate Whitney.

Xavier was stunned, but ultimately he went with Brent and Britini.

Shocker, right?

Brent still has a chance to save himself with the veto.

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c.