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This weekend, the latest in a long line of 90 Day Fiance spinoffs premiered.

Love In Paradise: Caribbean debuted its first episode on Discovery Plus, introducing multiple couples.

One of those couples was the pregnant Aryanna and the father of her child, Sherlon.

Did these two make it? Is Aryanna’s baby okay? SPOILER WARNING, because we know some of the answers.

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Aryanna is 25 years old and is from Quincy, Illinois.

She shared that she struggled with her weight — or, more accurately, with cruel comments on her weight.

Aryanna began lifting weights to sculpt her body into what she wanted it to be.

To celebrate, she went to Jamaica to vacation with her fabulous new body.

There, she described, she met Sherlon, who works for his father’s tour boat company.

And by "met," we also mean that she ended up pregnant.

The producers did their jobs well while interviewing Sherlon, who also works at a resort for swingers.

Hoping to brand him as the next Jay Smith, they got him talking about temptation, beautiful women, and breaking rules.

After the premiere, many viewers are already viewing him as a horndog and questioning the couple’s future together.

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We already know from the previews that yes, Aryanna will travel down to see him.

He feels her baby bump.

Aryanna’s plan is to bring her family so that they can meet him before the baby comes.

Of course, Aryanna has not seen Sherlon’s home yet.

She has been to Jamaica as a vacationer, as a tourist, not as a resident.

Sherlon’s low standard of living is a surprise — one that could lead to relationships issues over time.

Right now, Aryanna has moved in with her mother so that she won’t go through this unexpected pregnancy alone.

Her mom, Karen, fully admits that she didn’t expect a vacation to be what made her into a grandmother.

But how will this end for them? 

According to a detailed report by Starcasm, it looks like Aryanna — or editors — are fudging her timeline a little.

It appears that she took a vacation to Jamaica in 2019 and then again in 2020.

Though the second time is when she got pregnant, it sounds like she may have already been smitted with Sherlon the first time, as she enjoyed her tour boat experience.

It was very clearly winter when Aryanna and Karen filmed in Season 1, Episode 1 … and it’s reported that Aryanna’s return to Jamaica was in January.

Her baby was due in April of this year, so the plan was to introduce Sherlon to her family and head home well before giving birth.

But at least part of that plan did not work out that way.

Photo via Instagram

Aryanna’s son, Odin, was born in January — premature by months. He spent 57 days in NICU.

Odin was able to go home after spending those nearly two months in the special care nursery.

It is unclear if he was born in Illinois or merely transferred there after a dramatic premature birth in Jamaica.

There is not, thus far, any sort of smoking gun for whether Sherlon is with Aryanna in the United States or not.

The safe guess would be that he and Aryanna are still in a relationship and planning to be together, but that he’s in Jamaica.

But that’s literally just safe betting. There are no photos and no one has broken any NDAs to spill the beans … so far.