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Earlier this year, we reported that 90 Day Fiance‘s newest spinoff would take place in the Caribbean.

Now, just a month before the premiere date of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story, we have a trailer.

This means an introduction to the couples and their love stories.

We are also getting a glimpse a lot of the drama, tears, and more the this season offers.

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Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story will premiere on July 18.

But we are already getting to know the spinoff’s couples.

So far, there are four couples for us to meet, with each love story playing out in a different country.

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Sherlon is a boat tour guide in Jamaica, and he also works at a swinger’s resort.

When he mutteres that "the flesh is weak," he seems to be talking about his place of work.

However, he could just as easily be discussing his relationship with Aryanna, an American from Illinois.

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Aryanna admits that the couple did not use protection when they had sex.

It was just weeks after she left Jamaica that she realized that she was pregnant.

Her loved ones have real questions about Sherlon’s intentions, as shown in the trailer.

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Aryanna will also have to grapple with some difficult realities.

Sherlon works two jobs, but there are economic realities to his life in Jamaica that she did not expect.

Living in the hotel, she has not seen his extremely low standard of living. She’s now six months pregnant.

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Aryanna’s goal is to convince Sherlon to move to the United States with her.

We’re sure that this isn’t the end of their drama.

But while we saw the most about them on the trailer, they’re not the only couple.

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Mark and Key actually first met an entire decade ago in Boco del Toro, Panama.

At the time, the two of them fell apart, but are trying it again.

"I let Key get away one and I’m not going to let that happen again," Mark vows.

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However, he is hoping that she will relocate to California with him.

It sounds like he even goes so far as to give her an ultimatum.

After a decade, Mark is sure that this is the right thing.

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Key, however, is feeling rushed, despite clearly having a lot of the same feelings for Mark.

A lot of the same feelings isn’t the same as all of them — does she truly love Mark?

And more specifically, does she love him enough to relocate to Huntington Beach to live out her life with him?

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Steven and Martine met on a cruise ship three years ago and have had an on-again, off-again relationship ever since.

More recently, the two have been on-again, but problems have arisen in their time apart.

Recently, Martine learned that Steven had cheated on her.

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He’s a hot dude and Martine acknowledges that his work as a DJ makes him surrounded by temptation.

But she is flying to Barbados to confront him.

She wants him to give her a reason to trust that he will never do this again.

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In the trailer, we see a tense confrontation between the two of them.

It looks like someone has asked if he is awake — possibly with a classic "you up?" text.

Martine is looking for more than just a promise that he won’t cheat again.

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Martine also wants Steven to make a real commitment to her.

In the trailer, she all but directly asks for a diamond engagement ring.

Steven is very much not on the same page.

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Amber and Daniel first met in Costa Rica.

Though Amber has a The Bachelorette vibe and plenty of youthful energy, she is older than he is.

As excited as she is to bone Daniel upon seeing him again, she can’t help wondering if he sees her as a sugar mama.

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Amber’s goal is to pursue a K-1 visa with Daniel.

But their age gap and his financial issues could be obstacles to getting visa approval.

Sexy tropical vacations are fun, but she wants something more.

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It’s not clear if Daniel is on the same page.

But perhaps we’ll have a clearer picture of these four couples on July 18, when the show premieres.

We’re sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their drama.