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Kailyn Lowry has been called many horrible things over the past several years.

We’re not gonna repeat most of those things here.

But let’s say they typically center on the fact that Lowry, at just 29 years old, has four children by three different men.

Earlier this week, though, the Teen Mom 2 star stepped in some scalding hot water not for what she did behind closed bedroom doors… but for something she saw on her kitchen floor.

Don’t worrry. We’ll explain…

Lowry went on vacation to the Dominican Republican last week, enjoying some fun in the sun with her quartet of kids and also good friend Leah Messer.

At one point, toward the end of the trip, Kailyn posted a photo online that featured an unwanted house guest in her Airbnb.

"It seemed as though one of my baby’s fathers showed up so we got up outta there," Lowry joked in her caption.

Kailyn didn’t name any particular baby father; she didn’t name Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin or Chris Lopez by name.

However, Kailyn co-hosts a podcast with Jo’s current wife. She appears to be on decent terms with that ex.

Moreover, she’s on especially great terms with Marroquin of late, even teaming up with Javi just a few days ago in order to slam his ex-fiancee, Lauren Comeau.

Heck, as you can see below, Lowry even told a curious follower that she’d consider going on vacation with Marroquin.

Therefore, based on her positive relationship status with both Rivera and Marroquin… and the constant issues she’s had with Lopez… it’s pretty evident Kailyn was making the cockroach comment about the father of her youngest two sons.

And this is why Lowry is now garnering some major backlash.

"This is racist af and degrading!" screamed on social media user in response to Kailyn’s remark.

Added another: "I’m from the South and was raised that it is a racial slur."

Chris Lopez and Kids

Added yet another: "I’m from the West Coast and that is racist here."

And then yet another: "It is racist. Wtf?!"

Lowry and Lopez, of course, have had quite a strained relationship, pretty much ever since they first got together.

Earlier this month, MTV aired footage of a totally insane fight between the exes.

That said, Kailyn has never made any reference to Lopez’s race before — although she has been accused of bigotry in the recent past.

Last month, her Teen Mom costar Briana DeJesus claimed she’s never been invited on Kailyn’s podcast because she’s "not white."

How else to explain why Lowry has been willing to make amends with Jenelle Evans? Or why she’s invited other reality stars on her podcast? But not DeJesus?

In Punta Cana!

"While I really hope this isn’t the case, it’s not lost on me that she was willing to talk to Jenelle – who is white – yet won’t move on with me when, up until recently, I was the only non-Caucasian cast member," Briana explained to Celeb Buzz of this allegation.

"There have been rumblings and reports regarding past racist tweets Kailyn interacted with.

"And, again, while I’m hoping the color of my skin isn’t a factor here, it’s certainly not lost on me that this point exists."

Of course, the point also exists that DeJesus dated Marroquin for a number of months back in the day.

Kailyn Lowry on TikTok

It’s also the case, though, that Reddit users uncovered past controversial posts that Kailyn had Liked on Twitter.

One read: "I just want white girls to date me for a month out of guilt for Black History Month #slavereparations."

Elsewhere, Kailyn wrote "I just want to say that every life matters" before calling a critic "ignorant" when he/she claimed she was behaving like a "privileged white girl."

Not the best look, even the most strident Kailyn Lowry fan must admit.