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We think most Teen Mom 2 viewers would agree that this season has not been the most dramatic in the show’s history.

In fact, it was downright boring at times.

The show’s ratings have been declining along with the quality its content, but last night’s episode rewarded the fans who stuck it out with a heated conflict between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez.

For a second there, we felt like we were watching the old Teen Mom 2!

Chris, Kail

The trouble began when Kail gave Chris a ride home after he visited the two sons they share.

“I love you, buddy, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Lopez said to son Creed who was riding in the backseat.

“Tomorrow? When are you gonna see him tomorrow?” an irate Kail asked.

Chris Lopez in 2020
Photo via Instagram

“When I drop my other son off,” but Kailyn told Chris that Creed will “be asleep" at that time.

Chris and Kail both have short tempers, and unfortunately, at times, they bring out the worst in one another.

This was one of those times.

Chris Lopez and Kids

"No the f–k he won’t!" Lopez shot back.

It was then that Chris started shuffling through some unseen paperwork that he had found in Kail’s car.

It’s probably a good thing that the documents weren’t shown on screen, as they apparently revealed the plans and location for Lowry’s new house.

Photo via MTV

“This is bigger than a motherf–ker… is that where the house gonna be?” Lopez inquired.

“Go change your nasty ass clothes," Kail said in an effort to change the subject.

They argued for a moment about Kail’s real estate plans, with Lopez insisting he had just driven by the house, and Kail accusing him of lying.

Kail Cries on Teen Mom 2

(Gotta go with Kail on this one. It seemed that Chris just learned the location of the house when he found the papers.)

“It’s your son! He was all up on me with s–t!” Chris shouted.

From there the former couple argued about who would close the door as their young son looked on.

Chris Lopez In Blue

“No, you can close your own f–king door!” Lopez shot back in response to Kail’s command.

“Close the door! Get the f–k out of my car!” Lowry screamed.

We probably don’t even need to tell you that at that point, Chris got back into the car.

Photo via MTV

Apparently in an attempt to scare him off, Kail reminded her ex that MTV cameras were filming their entire interaction.

“They can hear you. They can see you. You’re gonna be on the show,” Kailyn reminded Chris.

“I hope they show you… they can. They can show you," she added.

In Celebration of Lux
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Chris then swore a lot and defiantly pointed at the cameras, proving once again that Creed wasn’t the only toddler in the vehicle.

All of this comes at a time when Kailyn is accusing Chris of being a deadbeat dad.

She claims that Lopez has been asking her for money and generally avoiding his responsibilities as a parent.

Kailyn with Chris
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This latest on-camera beef is unlikely to sway anyone to her side, as she behaved as abhorrently as Chris.

It seems that if these two can’t figure out a way to get along, it’s their kids who are really gonna suffer.

At the very least, they need to stop having fights like this in the presence of their sons!