Jamie Lynn Spears' Husband Ogles Britney's Instagram, Gets Dragged Online

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In the wake of Britney Spears' courageous conservatorship testimony, Jamie Lynn Spears has never been less popular.

Fans have been calling her out for years, accusing her of complicity and not being an ally to her sister.

Now, Jamie Lynn's husband has been busted looking through Britney's Instagram pics.

In addition to some laughter at their expense, fans are also asking if Jamie Lynn and her husband are just obsessed with Britney.

Jamie Lynn Spears with Wavy Hair

Jamie Lynn Spears shared a post about how she is "grateful" for time with her family.

The caption seemed like a thinly veiled effort to remind fans that she does her own (sometimes vague) work.

One of the photos was this candid mirror selfie featuring her husband, Jamie Watson.

Jamie Lynn Spears Mirror Selfie Reveals Husband Viewing Britney's Instagram

In this photo, Jamie (not to be confused with Jamie Lynn, or Jamie Lynn's dad, Jamie, just as Jamie Lynn should not be confused with her mom, Lynne) is on his phone.

He appears to be viewing a simple text post.

Zooming in, it appears to simply read: "Kindness. Do you know what really turns me on? What I find incredibly sexy? Kindness."

Britney Spears Topless

That might sound innocuous by itself, but as you might guess from the photo above and below, context is king.

That post about "kindness" appears to be identical to the one that Britney shared to her Instagram.

Her "kindness" post was framed by her eye-popping topless photos.

Britney Topless on Insta

"Oh, who cares what else she posted if he's looking at that post," you might suggest.

If so, you are not understanding that we mean that these posts were back to back.

Every hastily scrolled to a different Instagram post when someone entered the room? Jamie may have done just that.

Britney Spears IG context (27 July 2021)

It's right there, alongside other posts of Britney's.

Some of them, we have even covered in the past in the context of Britney's conservatorship battle.

It looks like we're not the only ones who like to keep abreast of Britney's Instagram activity.

Jamie and Jamie

Jamie Lynn has been accused of riding her sister's coattails.

That part, at least, seems to be largely impossible to dispute, even for one of Jamie Lynn's actual fans (they exist!).

Britney skyrocketed to fame and fabulous success, and some of her family members hitched a ride.

Jamie Lynn Spears Video Still

But that is not where Britney's fans are finding fault.

Hey, Jamie Lynn had a Nickelodeon show, produced some country music that's out there somewhere, and had kids.

That's all fine. People are even happy for her for that part.

Jamie Lynn on Instagram

But sometimes, Jamie Lynn's silence is deafening.

Only a few weeks ago did Jamie Lynn officially speak out in semi-support of Britney's bid for freedom.

Even then, she was defensive, insisting that she'd been Britney's silent ally all along, and compared Britney's struggle to absurd pipe dreams.

Jamie Lynn Spears for Nylon

Jamie Lynn has also been straight-up exposed for benefitting -- or seeming to -- from Britney's predicament.

It doesn't take cash transfers to benefit from your rich sister having no autonomy.

All that it might take is, say, treating a $1 million condo as your own while she likely can't do anything about it.

Jamie Lynn Spears IG still 28 June 2021

So that, folks, is why people are so entertained -- but also annoyed -- with Jamie Lynn and Jamie.

Whether her husband was just perving on Britney's pics or what ... it's a reminder to fans of everything that irks them about Jamie Lynn.

Britney herself has spoken, so this isn't just overzealous stans. Jamie Lynn needs to respect her sister's boundaries.

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