Joy-Anna Duggar: Hiding From Fans to Avoid Any Mention of Josh's Trial?

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Joy-Anna Duggar has been uncharacteristically silent on social media for a very long time.

It's just one of the reasons that many fans think that Joy-Anna is pregnant.

But it also goes deeper than that -- not even quietly showing love to family on their posts.

Is Joy's deafening silence related to Josh Duggar's arrest? That ... actually makes sense.

A Kiss for Joy-Anna Duggar

Gideon is three years old. Evelyn is 11 months old.

Given their beliefs, their families, and their communities, it would not be surprising for Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth to have a third child.

As we have previously covered, fans have numerous reasons to believe that Joy-Anna may be pregnant.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Up Close

One of those clues is that she has been totally radio silent on social media.

Normally, she might have about three days between posts, give or take.

Her last Instagram post was on July 9. That was three weeks ago.

Joy-Anna Duggar and a Daughter

Joy-Anna has had little "gaps" in her social media posting in the past.

But with at least some of those gaps tied to her being pregnant, that seems like an alarm bell to fans.

Already on alert after spotting what they believed to be a baby bump, many are saying that Joy-Anna's absence means Baby #3.

Joy-Anna and Evelyn

This time, her absence is even more extreme.

In addition to no new posts, Joy-Anna doesn't seem to be commenting on or even "liking" the posts of others.

This was the topic of some recent Reddit chatter among fans who keep a close eye on the family.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth on YouTube

“I thought the exact same. It’s definitely unusual," one Reddit denizen commented.

The same comment continued: "She always likes the family’s pics like u said but she hasn’t liked or commented in a while."

Another speculated: “I would say maybe she’s doing a social media detox or she’s pregnant.”

Joy-Anna Duggar, Hat Selfie

“She might be pregnant," agreed another redditor.

"She might also be dealing with the fallout of being Josh's youngest victim," that commenter added, "plus having family responsibilities.”

Yes, this would be a particularly grim time to be Joy-Anna, made bittersweet if she is pregnant.

Pregnancy Joy

“Very interesting about the unusual absence.." another social media user expressed.

That commenter asked: "didn't someone post she was on one of her friends podcasts recently?"

The redditor concluded: "You would think she would post about that.. somethings pro going on.”

Joy-Anna, Austin Forsyth Pic

“Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she is staying off the internet," another redditor wrote.

That commenter admitted: "I would in her position.”

And that leads us to a related theory, one that fits whether or not Joy-Anna is currently with child.

Joy-Anna and Austin On the Gram

It has been reported, as in our coverage of recent Josh Duggar rumors, that many of the family are avoiding social media.

Those of them who are still posting are said to be avoiding looking too closely at tweets and even comments.

The reason for that is that, well, everyone has a lot to say about Josh.

Joy-Anna Duggar with the Cradle

The confessed child-molester was arrested this spring and charged with downloading child pornography.

His attorneys can go to war over what is and is not turned over in discovery all that they like. It may even make a difference at trial.

But in terms of public opinion, the world is disgusted with this sick monster, and has been for many years.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Selfie

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse experience trauma that can have repercussions that span decades or more.

Being the youngest of Josh's victims did not spare Joy from that.

Growing up in a cult that blames women for sexual predation, shames sex, and forces "forgiveness" would have severely compounded the damage.

Joy-Anna Duggar Embraced from Behind by Austin Forsyth

So we should keep in mind that seeing mention of Josh's evil deeds and current charges could be very harmful to her.

Any time that Joy-Anna needs to take off from social media could do her a world of good.

Just seeing it mentioned could make her relive some of her life's worst experiences. (That, folks, is what triggered means)

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