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90 Day Fiance fans are very familiar with Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava’s thirst traps.

Some of her castmates are, as well. They have eyes and Instagram. That’s all that it takes.

But Jovi Dufren was never on a season of, well, anything with Anfisa.

He seems to have let his thirst get the better of him, and fans are roasting him.

Anfisa Nava Flaunts Her Booty in Red
Photo via Instagram

Before we get into how Jovi Dufren is involved in this, let’s talk about the content.

Anfisa didn’t win her very first bodybuilding bikini contest by wishing to have the body that she wants.

She takes advantage of her genetic predispositions by working hard.

Photo via Instagram

She posted an eye-popping workout video that featured, among other things, squats.

The extremely flattering material of her leggings in the video certainly did not hurt.

It probably wasn’t necessary, but it definitely helped to drive home the, uh, "point" of the video.

Photo via Instagram

Anfisa’s booty-tastic video was extremely short.

Barely, truth be told, long enough to turn into very many GIFs.

It would take many hours of repeating these workouts and others to get a body approaching Anfisa’s.

Photo via Instagram

She shared her booty workout with her fans and followers.

Though Anfisa has not appeared on the franchise in quite some time, the bulk of her fanbase is from 90 Day Fiance.

She is followed not only by legions of viewers, but by stars of the franchise — most of whom forge connections with one another.

But look who liked Anfisa’s video enough to "like" it on Instagram:

Jovi Dufren.

He was obviously not the only person from the franchise to do so, but it did not go unnoticed.

"I cackled when I saw Jovi liked Anfisa’s workout vid," wrote one Reddit denizen upon seeing it.

"Oh Lawd O no he dint! Jovi be sleepin’ on the new disease-free sofa tonight for SURE!" another quipped.

"Jovi … letting the virtual money rain," another joked.

Jovi Dufren praises Yara Zaya for doing his laundry (awkward)

An additional commenter attempted to mimic Yara’s phrasing and inflection.

"Jovi, why you like her ass on instagram for? You a pappa now. This disrespect for Myla," the commenter jested.

That’s not quite her syntax or how their daughter’s name is spelled, but we get the idea.

Obviously, the "like" button is not an "I want to bone you" button.

People like each other’s posts all of the time. People like photos of each other’s children and pets.

Additionally, even if the content of a post is deliberately sexy, the likes under Anfisa’s videos were not necessarily horny.

Yara Zaya - he don't need a bar

However, Jovi’s history as a "party boy" has clearly rubbed off on what viewers think of him and how they interpret his "likes."

Also … Jovi follows Anfisa, but Yara doesn’t, which definitely caused people to chuckle to themselves.

Outside of very controlling relationships, thinking that someone’s hot isn’t considered cheating, but it can be giggle-worthy.

Anfisa Nava models her bikini body

Being a reality star means that you need to be a little more conscious about which posts you "like" on social media.

Likes are visible, and even if it’s completely harmless or even innocuous, you should try to not embarrass your spouse.

That said … who could blame anyone for being a little too mesmerized by that booty to think straight?