Catelynn Lowell Shares Touching Message to Tyler Baltierra on Their 15th Anniversary!

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If you've been a Teen Mom fan for a while, then you know there have been an awful lot of relationships to keep up with.

Most of the moms have had children with multiple men, and there have of course been several relationships that didn't result in children.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

So in your head, instead of information that's actually useful, you probably have a list of all of Jenelle's soulmates -- Andrew Lewis, Kieffer Delp, Gary Head, Courtland Rogers, Nathan Griffith, David Eason, that Herbie guy.

You probably also recall that while Maci shares children with Ryan Edwards and Taylor McKinney, she also dated a couple of guys named Kyle between them.

We're not saying that there's anything wrong with any of this.

Dating is totally normal, and since these girls became reality stars at the tender age of 16, it makes sense that we'd see a series of different relationships unfold.

Maci Deshane Bookout-McKinney Image

But we're saying all of this to point out that while all the other moms were busy finding out what they liked in significant others and maybe making some bad choices along the way, Catelynn Lowell has stuck right by Tyler Baltierra since the beginning.

And that's why they're celebrating their 15th (!!!!) anniversary now.

Yep, Catelynn and Tyler weren't even high school sweethearts -- they were middle school sweethearts.

They've certainly faced some hard times together, but they've always managed to stay committed to each other, for better or for worse.

Catelynn and Tyler's 15th Anniversary

Judging by the sweet message Catelynn wrote on Instagram for Tyler, we'd say she couldn't be happier about it!

"Happy 15 years to the love of my life and my best friend," she began.

"Wow 15 years! The things we have been through together is crazy. An unplanned pregnancy, an adoption journey, mental health struggles, multiple pregnancy losses, but also travel, loving memories, and becoming parents together ..."

"Some of these things would have torn a couple APART!" she acknowledged. "We have beat the odds my love."

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Pic

"To look at us now with our 3 beautiful daughters and one more on the way and the love we have for each other is something that blows my mind," Cate continued.

"Thank you for loving me like you do, choosing me on the daily, being an amazing father, and just being you!!!!"

She then recalled their wedding day, saying "Like I said the day that we said I do, from the moment I first laid eyes on you I knew we would be together forever and man am I soooo blessed and honored that all of that came true."

"I truly believe in soulmates and that two souls can be drawn to each other for many reasons ... thanks for being mine."

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Photo

Catelynn finished up her note by telling Tyler "I love you so damn much and look forward to the rest of our lives sitting back and watching our grandchildren one day!!!"

"Happy 15 years baby and here's to many more!!!"

You love to see it, right?

And it looks like Tyler loved seeing this, too -- he left a comment that read "I'm not crying you're crying! I love you so much babe!"

Isn't it so nice to see the two of them so happy, especially after all they've been through?

Here's hoping she really is right about them being together forever!

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