Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmann: Wedding Plans Leaked?!

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For months, it has been apparent to fans that Jana Duggar is hiding her courtship with Stephen Wissmann.

No one is sure of the reason, with speculation ranging from Jim Bob's orders to her disgusting brother's arrest.

But the Duggars do not court lightly, or for very long.

Now, cyber-sleuths have uncovered hard evidence that Jana and Stephen have set a wedding date.

Jana Duggar Spills the Tea

Jana Duggar is 31 years old. Fans have been wondering when this day would come.

In the real world, it is perfectly normal to not be married at that age, especially among her fellow Millennials.

From the perspective of her family, church, and the IBLP cult, she's old enough to have been married for a dozen years, with numerous children.

Jana and Stephen In Nebraska

Jana has been seen again and again spending time with Stephen Wissmann and his family.

It's safe to say that things appear to be serious.

Duggar girls aren't allowed to date casually (or date at all) or simply hang out with guy friends.

Jana In Florida

Late last year, she appeared to spend Christmas with the Wissmann family in Nebraska.

That is a huge deal for most families, but particularly given how seriously fundamentalists take holidays and family.

Seeing it happen again for the Fourth of July ... that's almost confirmation to most.

Stephen Wissmann With Nephews

Since Jana was first seen spending time with the Wissmanns, fans have been on the lookout for more information.

Random posts by Stephen's relatives are poured over for a silhouette or mention of Jana.

Meanwhile, she herself has not seemed interested in sharing anything with her legions of folllowers.

Jana Is Engaged?

Most of what fans have had to go on has been rumor and (educated, reasonable) speculation.

Thanks to the digging done by Reddit denizens, however, that has now changed.

Social media viewers have spotted, screenshotted, and discussed wedding registries and websites and what they seem to reveal.

Jana Duggar, Stephen Wissmann alleged wedding registry

Now, this certainly looks like it's either Jana Duggar's wedding registry or a hell of a coincidence.

Zola is a site favored in the past by the Duggars to share their wedding info.

There are actually two Zola pages with Jana and Stephen's names -- one using their full names, the other using their initials.

Stephen Wissman Image

We can't get a peek behind the curtain because, well, the details are only available to those with the password.

This is a standard way of doing things for upcoming nuptials.

But ... why are there two?

Jana Hides an Engagement Ring

It may be that there are two such pages because one is fake and the other is real.

This sounds a little confusing because, well, the existence of either page spoils that they're getting married, right?

Which leads us to the second possibility.

Jana Duggar with Flowers

There is always a chance that none of these registries (not the two on Zola, and not others floating around) are real.

The Duggars are notorious for planting fake information to mislead fans.

Distract fans with one hand while orchestrating a marriage behind the scenes with the other.

Stephen Wissman Photo

The goal isn't to prank fans. We all know that Jim Bob and Michelle are allergic to fun.

Instead, it's to keep unwanted guests or photographers from crashing the wedding.

Which means that they could have created multiple fake listings, each with different info ... just as they could have created none of them.

Jana Duggar at Magnolia In Waco

We may have to wait months for an official announcement from Jana and her family.

They may wait to tell us until Jana and Stephen are married. 

However, given how close the two seem and how much pressure Jim Bob applies for short courtships and unending marriages, a wedding seems very likely.

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