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Zach and Tori Roloff have a lot to think about these days.

Especially when it comes to their future.

The Little People, Big World have been candid of late in regard to a pair of life-altering decisions, talking openly about the possibility of moving to the farm and taking over the family business

… as well as maybe having a third child.

Tori and Zach and Matt and Caryn

Like we said: That’s a lot.

On the professional, meanwhile, fans have long been wondering whether Zach and Tori might follow in the footsteps of the latter’s brothers any time soon.

Which is to ask:

When might these Roloffs either grow sick and tired of reality television… or simply leave Little People, Big World for better opportunities?

Roloff Promo Pic

"I think for us, we enjoy sharing our lives and for right now our kids get along great with the crew and it’s fun," Tori told Entertainment Tonight when faced with this query.

She elaborated as follows:

"The minute it’s not fun anymore, then you got to come together and be like, all right, what’s our next step?"

It doesn’t sound as if this point of time is on the horizon, however.

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Jacob Roloff quit the series five years ago, saying at the time that he couldn’t handle how phony his relatives came across on air.

We later learned that Roloff was allegedly molested by a Little People, Big World producer, which understanably prompted his almost-immediate departure from the program.

In 2018, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff then walked away.

Those parents of two have since launched a podcast and wriitten a pair of books.

Roloff Family Portrait

But Tori and Zach have never really expressed any such interests.

They seem content just filming their show for a few months every year, while living a relatively modest and simple life.

They also just seem content in general.

You don’t ever hear any divorce chatter surrrounding this husband and wife, do you?

Roloffs at Farm
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Coming up on the 10th anniversary of their first date and sixth wedding anniversary, Zach and Tori were asked in this same interview how they make their relationship work.

"She was my first kiss. I was focused on soccer," Zach admitted.

"Then I’m like, ‘All right, I guess I’ll… Let me see. Let’s see what this is all about, dating.’

"And then I was like, ‘All right, one and done.’ I love Tori and it was solid."

Pumpkin Season Time!!
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Sweetest thing ever, no?!?

Over the years, these two has endured many moments of joy, as well as heartbreak.

In March, Tori suffered a miscarriage, for example.

Their secret for keeping their rlmance and marriage strong, Zach relays, is "Tori and I feel like we’re both pretty good communicators."

Tori Roloff and Hubby

She adds:

"I think reflection, too, is a huge one."

And we’ll give the final lovely words on this topic to Zach:

"We reflect a lot together. We have similarities, too. We’re different in a lot of ways, but then also there’s a lot of similarities too. … We see things a lot eye to eye. [We like] to do the same things."