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Despite incidents like in the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Yara Zaya is well liked by fans.

Sometimes they wish that she were (even) more vocally appreciative of her mother-in-law, Gwen.

But then, watching nightmare moms Betty, Trish, and Lesina make viewers extra appreciative of a good MIL.

This time, however, criticisms of Yara have less to do with the show and more to do with her Instagram.

Yara Zaya Looks Stylish on Instagram

Yara Zaya is known on the show for being beautiful, funny, and to many of us, relatable.

(Not everyone finds Yara relatable but, you know, that’s their business)

On Instagram, Yara projects much less of her personality and mostly just looks hot and fashionable.

Yara Zaya at the Beach

Yara offers her viewers fashion tips and advice on dressing themselves.

She also offers them photos of her looking glamorous, stylish, and super mega hot.

(We want to point out that she also showcases her baby in many photos — Yara adores baby Mylah)

Yara Zaya - and this is my beautiful daughter Mylah

“IG vs Reality: Yara edition," mocked one scathing social media user.

“I had a pretty positive view of Yara after watching the show," the former fan wrote.

They continued: "But keeping up with her on IG has actually lowered my opinion."

Photo via TLC

"It feels like she’s trying way too hard to present this lavish glamorous lifestyle," the critic opined.

They described: "And constantly flex designer clothes, bags, jewelry, cars, etc.”

Added the commenter: “She strikes me as a brand girl even before 90 day."

Yara Zaya - my is right way

“Many men & women from former USSR countries act exactly like Yara," a commenter claimed.

Making a sweeping generalization, they added: "They’re very judgemental, materialistic, & vain."

"It’s like they’re overcompensating & feel very insecure about their poverty-stricken backgrounds,” the commenter jarringly asserted.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Other criticisms got closer to the root of people’s issues with Yara and her Instagram posts.

Yara has repeatedly, on the show, expressed how much she misses Jovi while he is away working.

Parenting on one’s own is never easy, especially during COVID, and especially as an immigrant with a newborn.

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya prepare to part

Jovi’s job is of course how Yara can afford her lifestyle in the United States.

He is securing Mylah’s future while he works.

To many, Yara’s requests — especially while she was tearful and had COVID — seemed ungrateful.

Yara Zaya - I really don't wish nobody to have COVID

But isn’t it normal and frankly healthy for a spouse to miss the other while they’re at work?

Whether they’re gone for eight hours or eight weeks, married folks are supposed to like each other.

Sure, everybody wants their space, but … Yara wanting to be with Jovi is a good thing, right?

Yara Zaya cries in response to Jovi bachelor party

One can easily imagine how viewers would respond if Yara seemed indifferent about Jovi being away.

They’d call her coldhearted, callous, and use every xenophobe’s favorite accusation:

They’d claim that Yara (despite not particularly enjoying living in the U.S.) was "only after a Green Card."

Yara Zaya - everyone should like me, love me

Don’t get us wrong — even as they were posted, the criticisms of Yara were refuted pretty quickly.

“I see a few designer purses and a nice car, that’s it," one commenter observed. The clothes look nice but not designer."

The commenter added: "She seems like a normal 20 something making use of her 15 minutes to me, nbd.”

Yara Zaya - if they don't like me, this is their problem

Fortunately, we already know that Yara has a great (and downright enviable) attitude when it comes to haters.

If people don’t like her, well, that’s their problem.

Yara likes Yara enough, as she should. She has her family. She doesn’t need anyone else.